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So right now we’re in a position whereby we’re struggling to plan a route to get into Africa. As said before, we were originally looking at catching a ferry from Italy across to Tunisia, and then drive east through Libya, into Egypt. For obvious safety reasons it’s probably best not to go this route. The next option was to drive east through Europe into Syria, then Jordan and then end up in Egypt. But with all the issues in Syria, it’s probably best not to go this route either. We have spoken about hooking up with other overlanders on the Syrian border in Turkey. The plan would be to wake up really early one morning and enter Syria in a convoy. It’s roughly 500km’s to the Jordan border, so the idea would be to get there without stopping over. Not sure if we should do this though, things are pretty bad in Syria at the moment. We’ve been in touch with a few shipping agencies to get quotes on sending the vehicle in a container. Even though it has been highly advised not to do this, we’re running out of ideas.