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Pamukkale is one the famous attractions in Turkey, but the town itself is not really big. We arrived there quite late, and even parking somewhere on the street for the night seemed to be difficult. We found the only one campsite there, but we couldn’t negotiate a good price with the owner. We needed to look around for different place. Firstly, we didn’t see any logical place to stay; only some people were touting us to theirs restaurants. Tired, we were responding that we were looking for a place to stay, not food. Some nice guys took a pity on us and said that they could help. And they indeed helped. They disappeared somewhere for a while  and when they were back, they said that we could park in front of the Artemis Yoruk Hotel and use their facilities such as: bathroom, Turkish bath and swimming pool. All of those luxuries only for 3 beers, they asked for organizing that “accommodation” for us.

Pammukale itself is a form of the gleaming white ledges with pools that flow down over the plateau edge. Unfortunately, taking a bath there is rather impossible as over many years water supply has dried. This attraction is open 24hours, however the best time to go in our opinion is sunrise, when you cannot wait till the Sun reach all of these pools and there is no tourists around.

Behind this fragile natural wonder lie the magnificent ruins of another Roman City called Hierapolis and ancient spa resort.


Waiting till the Sun reaches pools
Calcium deposits looks rather than snow:)
Pamukkale - Pools
Pamukkale - Pools
Adrianna and Natasha -  a lovely girl, who we explored Pamukkale with
Ancient SPA - with a ruins inside
Who wouldn't like to have a bath with view like this??:)
or a house...
Hierapolis - a Medusa figure on the main city gate which made for protecting from Medusa
Ancient Ruins - Hierapolis
Hierapolis - some details of ornaments
Hierapolis - the Theatre
Chilling out with Natasha in Artemis Hotel
Charlie in Seven Heaven = Pool
Huh...if you don't get up early, you might get some company later on in exploring Pamukkale...Too much, heh