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We met each other in Mozambique when Tomas joined his friend Craig on the last stretch of his overland trip. Now, five years later we decided do it ourselves and test our relationship properly by driving down from our hometown Amsterdam to Cape Town along the west coast of Africa! I guess I don’t keep my own promises because I vowed to never go on any of Tomas’ crazy travels (does anyone remember Kyrgystan..), but here we are; The Landrover is kitted, we saved up some money, left our jobs, packed up all our belongings and away we went!

Trip Start: 2012-02-14 Trip End: 2011-11-09 .

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Miniature Africa

Day 120-122: West-Africa’s worst roadCameroon has it all; desert, savanna, rainforests, beaches and volcano’s. It’s like a miniature Africa and we have been looking forward to it all trip, especially…

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