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We met each other in Mozambique when Tomas joined his friend Craig on the last stretch of his overland trip. Now, five years later we decided do it ourselves and test our relationship properly by driving down from our hometown Amsterdam to Cape Town along the west coast of Africa! I guess I don’t keep my own promises because I vowed to never go on any of Tomas’ crazy travels (does anyone remember Kyrgystan..), but here we are; The Landrover is kitted, we saved up some money, left our jobs, packed up all our belongings and away we went!

Trip Start: 2012-02-14 Trip End: 2011-11-09 .

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African Cup of Nations

Day 134,135,136: (going to) LibrevilleWe get the entry stamp easily at Bitam and follow the road to the Oyo where there must be a hotel where we can sleep. We find a strange little motel where each room has its…

Miniature Africa

Day 120-122: West-Africa’s worst roadCameroon has it all; desert, savanna, rainforests, beaches and volcano’s. It’s like a miniature Africa and we have been looking forward to it all trip, especially after Nigeria! The road from the border of Nigeria to…

You’re welcome!

Day 108: Police dominationWe are standing in front of the green and white beam separating us from entering NIgeria when a car comes speeding past. "Follow that vehicle!" screams the guy operating the beam. Uhhh, ok. We drive through a…

Merry Christmas from Lome!

Day 98-101: Enjoying the Lome expat life Luckily Vivian was in town and happy to invite us to stay at her place. We still had to get there though and it was already 2.30 PM. Tomas read in the LP…

Ghana’s forts and beaches

Day 90,91: animal kingdom We have been complaining quite much about the West African roads, but Ghana appears to be in a league of their own. Ghana has been an example to most African countries; it’s democratic, they have a…


Day 81: Back to schoolWe cross this brand new sparkling bridge into Mali where we went to the police office to get passports stamped. The bridge and road were recently finished and so the police hadn’t settle in yet. We…

Car VS Desert: Mauritania

Day 55: Border BureaucraticsLeaving Morocco wasn’t as easy as getting in. We had to report ourselves at 3 different post: police, customs and military and they all asked the same things. As I am the owner of the car and…


Day 30-34: North eastern MoroccoEven though the cross over the Channel of Gibraltar was very short, the difference compared to the other side is significant. Ceuta is officially still Spain so the border is just outside of town. As soon…

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