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A little bit about us. We're both 26, both lawyers, both, prior to this trip, working in the same commercial law firm where we met as new graduates. 2 1/2 years into our relationship we have put the commercial world behind us to embark on what we're told will be the real test of our relationship - having worked together and lived together I feel we're well placed to spend six months in such close proximity of one another. The idea was posed a little over a year ago; not content with a Contiki tour of Europe, a popular trip for Kiwi's, the two of us had been exploring alternative options for our 'overseas experience'. In the back of our minds was the possibility that each of us had a different idea of what and where would make for a true adventure - fortunately we landed on something we were both willing to give a go: motorcycling the length of Latin America. With no motorcycle experience, no mechanical skills, and little travelling done between the two of us, six months motorcycling an entire continent may seem like a bold choice. Or, if your outlook on life is of the more cynical variety, simply foolish. That may be so. But, we're going to give it a go.

Trip Start: 2012-10-24 Trip End: 2011-10-01 .

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