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Zambia to South Africa

Zambia to South Africa

  Sorry for being so quiet. After diving in Tanga and almost being blown up by dynamite fishing I headed for Iringa, where some of you may remember is my favorite school that touched my heart. But before I reached Kelanzo farm I met another single female traveler...

Kenya so far…

Kenya so far has proved to be better than anticipated. I am loving travelling alone as I can stop and go and not worry about anything else. The border crossing was interesting from Uganda as I drove straight through- I eventually asked someone where the border was, so...

Rwanda in a nutshell.

After spending four days at Akagera Park we headed for Kigali. Now all African cities so far have been the same, dirty, traffic and loads of people everywhere, however, Kigali is different. This city is clean, peaceful and welcoming. Not only Kigali but we have found...

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