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Dalai and I

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Dalai and I

The moment we crossed the border from Cambodia to Thailand we realised 2 things: the first, from now on and for the rest of this leg we’ll be driving on the left side. Finally, Boudicca is on the correct side of the road.

Yes dear Americans, Z Jermans, froggies and any other anti-natural national drivers: you can…

The story of the Break Bone fever

Read the original post and follow Land Rover Overland's overland adventures on their website: Land Rover Overland.

The story of the Break Bone fever

Here’s the story of the Break Bone fever. It begins with a little mozzie called ‘Little Bugger’.
Little Bugger used to live in the heart of the Kardamom jungle in Cambodia. From this sentence you can already assume that either Little Bugger is dead or the jungle is no longer there. In this…

China vs Laos

Read the original post and follow Land Rover Overland's overland adventures on their website: Land Rover Overland.

Location: under a coconut tree, by the Mekong River, Laos
Weather: morning warm breeze
Total mileage: 24,300
Status: passed relaxed, nearly lazy

There’re too many Chinese in China. They’re small, annoying, get tangled in ones hair and get caught in your feet.

They only want to have a nice life – though they don’t really have any meaning – but…

An arse kicking in Mongolia

Total mileage: 23,000m
Location: among millions of people somewhere in N China
Day: about 170? (We really stopped counting a while ago)

We’re in China and it’s a mad race. No time for morning Yoga, a chord on the guitar or the comfortable search for the suitable campsite. It’s a rush. Time is money, every minute has a price, every…

Tuva, The National Anthem

“…travellers should be aware of Western Tuva’s fearsome reputation for wild lawlessness and unprovoked knife attacks.” Lonely Planet

 “It’s like the Wild West; we came across stories of locals attacking visitors, throwing stones on their vehicles… you should not go there” English traveler

“In Tuva there is a serious problem of alcohol and violence. I never dare going there” Russian…

Into Siberia, in Numbers

Read the original post and follow Land Rover Overland's overland adventures on their website: Land Rover Overland.

28 hours: total time of loading the vehicle on an old soviet style boat, crossing the Black sea from Turkey to Russia and clearing the most apathetic & inefficient border control in the Northern hemisphere. …but we also met Jake, a New Yorker biker, who provided the best company in the most difficult part of our journey so far. Thanks…

3 Short Stories from the Georgian Valley

A week around Yusufeli with a notebook and my camera

Tea party

Looking for a mountain pass high above the river, we drove through Kalicaya, a small but lively village. Locals, mostly old men, were sitting outside around wooden tables, playing cards and sipping tea. We were passing slowly when one of them spotted us, walked into the road and…

On the Olympus

Location: 200m below Mytikas summit, Olympus Mountain, Greece
Altitude: 2,800m
Day: 64
Total distance: 5003 miles

I’m stuck. I can’t climb any further. I’m trapped in a narrow rock chimney, vertical, scrambling my way up to Mytikas summit. My right hand is jammed in a small crag, my left arm is stretched sideway, pressing against the rock for balance. I…

To Fushe Lura, Albania

Fushe Lura was like a rumour, a myth. We’ve read about it somewhere, ‘the worlds 501 most wild places’ book perhaps; a short story about a hidden village, completely forgotten, up on the mountains in Albania. Disconnected from the world, it’s nowhere in the maps or any other conventional guide we searched in but the description of the place, together…

Chilling out

Location: mountains I can’t pronounce, Central Croatia
Weather: Heavy rain, nearly freezing
Day: 32nd
Total mileage: 2700

I’m sitting in a little hut somewhere in Croatia, fighting the cold mountain breeze while trying to dry my wet socks. It’s been a long rainy day and I could hardly imagine that it actually had started on the coastline (and why didn’t…

First Week on the Road

France, somewhere in the countryside, on our way to Mr Harley
Day 8
Weather: Warm, dry light wind
Total distance: 960km

Hey people,

First week of our journey and we’re somewhere in rural France. We’ve just stopped by the side of this back country road. It’s picnic time and we have piles of cheese, crusty fresh bread, juicy cherry tomatoes…

10 days left

Yes, I admit, it’s all very exciting. The ferry is leaving in 10 days and if it wasn’t at night time we would be standing on the deck, looking at the soggy Island disappearing behind. But it will be at night and so we’ll probably sit in the bar, toasting our very last pint before the road.
10 days left.…

Why Disco 3?

Unarguably the most critical aspect in driving around the world is what is going to be driving us around the world. We could debate and analyse which vehicle is the most appropriate for such a mission, but it’s a boring argument and, eventually, for us, it comes down to 3 simple issues:
1. What happens when the tarmac road ends?2.…