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Coming to America: Washington State

Coming to America: Washington State

(James) It was a strange sensation to be arriving at the US border. It certainly hadn’t been part of our original plan and had only been mentioned when, having made it to where the land ended in southeast Asia, we were suddenly faced with the prospect of ‘what next?’...

Remember us?!….

Hi all, Sorry it’s been a while! We haven’t abandoned the website, honest, we just haven’t had much time to write recently due to a hectic schedule over the last couple of months, spectacular hospitality in North America and, of course, arranging the shipping of our...
Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat

(Emily) It had only been a short stay in Phnom Penh but we’d visited the important sites of S-21 and Choeung Ek and we knew that with all the nice cafes, bars and shops so close to our guesthouse, our budget-conscious resolve would soon be in danger of weakening if we...

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