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SILAICIAI (visited 29th – 1st October 2014) (5KM Past Seirijai)
Siliciai Camping

Siliciai Camping Southern Lithuania

Siliciai Camping Tent Area

Address: 67229 / Seirijai, Lithuania
GPS Coordinates: N 54°12’47” E 23°51’12”

Signposted on road into camp
Dogs allowed
Beautiful surroundings of forest and lakes.
Very helpful staff, even brought us a fishing license for the day
Log cabins also available, with stone fires in the central camp-site.
Small kitchen and basic showers and toilets.
Large spot for tents and camper-vans with electricity and water. Although toilets by camping area are very basic.
Next to lake they have a sauna, child’s playground toys, slide and pedalos

DRUSKININKAI (visited 1st – 2nd October 2014)
Contact Details:
Address: Gardino g. 3, Druskininkai LT-66204
Telephone: T +370 313 60 800 Fax +370 313 52 984
GPS coordinates: N 54.0033 E23.5839
Email: Website: http://info.druskininkai,lt
Open 01/05 – 30/09

10 Camping-cabins, 40 total amount of beds, 40 pitches, places for tents. Chemical toilet for camper-vans. Outdoor BBQ and camp fireplace, room for disabled campers, clean and modern toilets, showers, kitchen area and washing machine area.
Wifi, electricity and water available in camper-van bays.
Bikes for rent, tennis facilities, shop, ball game and playground area.
Lovely laid out camp-site, right next to tourist information, 5 minute walk from the centre and an Armenian restaurant at the entrance (£5-8 for a main meal).
Dogs allowed


Camping Slenyje (Visited 2nd October 2014)

DSC_0214 DSC_0212 DSC_0211 DSC_0210
Contact Details:
Address: Slenio g. 1, trakai, LT-21102
Telephone: +370 686 11 136 Fax +370 528 53 880
GPS coordinates: N 54.4002 E24.5545
Email: Website:
Open all year.
8 Camping Cabins. 20 rooms to let. 150 total amount of beds. 150 pitches. Chemical toilet for caravans. Places for tents. Outdoor bbq and camp fireplace, Conference hall, basic hot and cold wash basins in kitchen area, showers were basic and relatively clean, washing machine, electric hookups for camper-vans, TV, internet, kids play area, area for ball games; basketball, football, angling, hiking, mini golf, excursions, restaurant and shop.
Right on the lake with beach, pedalos, sail boats, canoes, boat across the lake.
There’s also sauna’s next to most of the cabins and the hill of angels is only a 5-10 minute walk away up the hill.
63 Lita for 2 people, dog and camper-van

Downtown Forest Hostel and Camping (Visited 3rd – 5th October 2014)
Contact Details:
Address: Paupio st. 31A, Vilnius LT-11341, Lithuania.
GPS Coordinates: 54.678180 / 25.302280
Phone: +370 5 264 3113 Fax: +370 5 264 3112
Email: Website:

Really fun and chilled hostel, really friendly and helpful staff.
Only spaces for 3 camper-vans, and spaces for tents, if planning on camping here in peak season it’s probably best to book ahead.
Washing machine and dryer, basic showers but all toilets and showers cleaned regularly, camp fire outside, indoor fireplace, bar, great kitchen, fast WIFI, credit cards accepted.
£5 per person, £10 per campervan

Vilnius City Camping
Contact Details:
Address: Parodu g. 11, Vilnius, LT-04215
Telephone: +370 629 72 223, 680 32 452
GPS coordinates: N 54.6803 E 25.2260
Email: Website:
Open 20/05 – 10/09
Cabins for rent, 6 total beds, 100 pitches, chemical toilet for caravans and facilites for motorhomes and electrical hookups, spaces for tents, outdoor BBQ, showers, kitchen area, washing machine, bikes to rent, excursions, TV and internet, golf, shop, horse rides and credit cards accepted.

Contact Details:
Address: Sudeikiai, Utenos r., LT-28405
GPS Coordinates: N 55.3510, E 25.4050
Telephone: +370 6151 5324
Email: Website:
Open: 01/06 – 31/08
12 Pitches for motor-homes, spaces for tents, camp-fire and BBQ area, facilities for disabled campers, hot and cold shower wash basins and showers, kitchen area, washing machine, electrical hook-ups, ball games, tennis and play area, opportunities for sailing, angling, hiking.

Contact Details:
Address: Paluses k., Ignalinos r., LT-30202
Telephone: +370 6124 5015
Email: Website:
GPS Coordinates: N 55.1940 E 26.0620
Open: 01/05 – 30/09
20 Camping-cabins, 50 total beds, 14 pitches for motor-homes, spaces for tents.
BBQ area, facilities for disabled campers, hot and cold showers and wash basins, kitchen area, electrical hook-ups, opportunities to play tennis, fish, boat trips, cycling and sailing.

Contact Details:
Address: Meteliu K., Lazdiju r., LT-67482
Telephone: +370 6877 0748
Email: Website:
GPS Coordinates: N 54.1813 E 23.4255
Open: 01/05 – 31/08
8 camping-cabins, 40 total beds, 15 pitches for motor-homes, spaces for tents.
Facilities for motor-homes: Electric hook-ups, chemical toilets.
Facilities for disabled campers, BBQ area and camp fireplace, Hot and cold showers, sauna, TV, play area, ball games. Opportunities for canoeing, fishing, cycling, sailing.

Contact Details:
Address: Ciziskiu k., Vistycio sen., Vilkaviskio r., LT-70345
Telephone: +370 3424 7521
Email: Website:
GPS Coordinates: N 54.2434 E 22.4540
Open all year
12 camping cabins, 30 rooms to let, 300 total beds, 30 pitches for motor-homes, spaces for tents.
Motor-home facilities: chemical toilet waste, electric hook-ups
BBQ area and camp fire, hot and cold showers and wash basins, play area and balls games, TV, sauna, indoor pool, opportunities for cycling, fishing, hiking, golf and sailing.
Credit cards accepted.

Contact Details:
Address: Zirgenu k., Vistycio sen., Vilkaviskio r., LT-70345
Telephone: +370 3424 7555
Email: Website:,
GPS Coordinates: N 54.2540 E 22.4506

South on the Spit:
Nidos Kempingas (Visited 6th – 7th October 2014)
Contact Details:
Address: Taikos g. 45A, Neringa, LT-93121
Telephone: + 370 469 52 045, 682 41 150
GPS coordinates: N 55.298333 E 20.982222
Open all year
10 camping cabins, 35 total beds, spaces for tents, 100 pitches, facilities for motor-homes; chemical toilet and electrical hookups, good kitchen area with hot and cold water, small hobs for cooking, washing machines. Good, clean showers and toilets, outdoor stoves and fire facilities, wifi – but only accessible close to the reception, TV, sauna (only available in the summer), play area, ball game area, large chess set outside, tennis, angling, bikes, excursions, boat trips, few minutes walk from the beach, the dunes and the town.
Credit cards accepted.
Dogs allowed.
67 Litas (around £18) for 2 people and camper-van

Kempingas Kurtuvenai
Address: Parko g. 2, Kurtuvenai, LT-80223, Siauliu r., Lithuania
Telephone: +370 413 70 333, Fax: +370 618 29 964
GPS Coordinates: N 55.827222 E 23.046333
Email: Website:
Open: 01/05 – 31/10
Spaces for 50 tents, facilities for motor-homes; electrical hook-ups.
Tents for hire, rooms for disabled campers, hot cold wash basins and showers, washing machine and dryer, cooking facilities.
Play area, ball games, angling, horse riding, cycling, excursions, camp fire and outdoor BBQ.
Prices: £5 per person, £1.40 for dogs, £9 per pitch, £3 per tent

Wild camp area – Kurtuvenai (We camped 8th October 2014)

Wild Camping Kurtuvenai Lithuania
In the forest, near the lake, obvious that many other people had camped here previously, no signs to say no cars allowed here.

GPS Coordinates: N 55.50257 E 23.03854