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We have made it to Munich and in doing so we have remembered all of those things we have forgotten;

  • adaptor for the toothbrushes
  • oven gloves
  • tea spoons
  • herbs
  • blah blah blah

So with the help of Marks school mate Nicky we have driven all over the city trying to buy stuff that you think would be easy to find but seems to be impossible. Oh well I’m sure we will find it in some bizzare market somewhere.

We are heading off tomorrow on a changed route, rather than doing the Czech Republic and Slovakia on the way out we have decided to make up some time by heading straight through Austria and into Hungary, and do the others on the way back.

The Scarlet 4×4 is already trying to test us by having a sticky clutch and the compressor melting its wires, oh well just some other things to get fixed.

In Dover we were met by a snow storm (I thought this was May! crazy!!!!). It’s been really cold at night and very wet since we left the UK lets hope it picks up soon, can‘t keep wearing all my clothes I feel like the Mitchelin Man.