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We used the travel agent (see Useful Links…On the Road) that had been so helpful the day before, to book a wine tour.  All the major wineries such as Cricova, Milestii Mici, Cojusna etc and the famous Orheiul Vechi cave Monastery that are listed in LP’s Eastern Europe guide were booked up until after the weekend :- (
We could not justify hanging around until then (still had time to catch up), so the travel agent rang around and booked us into the Chateau Vartely, an hours drive away. They also sorted us a driver too.We booked a 4 wines + ice wine tour. Obviously paid a bit more to have them sort it out for us at short notice, but it saved us the cost of more accommodation had we stayed longer.
We had a very knowledgable English speaking guide for the hour long tour – and these guys took their wine very seriously!

Totally unexpectedly they gave us the 5 opened bottles at the end to take away. Opened they needed drinking straight away (bit of a problem with the next days driving). So – limited ourselves to three (!), planned a later start and gave the remainder to the friendly Olympia receptionist (who was over the moon with her booze bonanza!).

Pics below