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Norfolk England 10th May 2013  Windspeed 35mph Temp: 6*C

Hello all our loyal followers! We are back again in sunny England after 6 months back in OZ whilst Tin Can froze through the English winter in a hay shed somewhere in Bedfordshire.

Tin Can's wintering place- a hay shed!

Tin Can’s wintering place- a hay shed!

The plan is to do some touring around the UK and Ireland (including the Outer Hebrides that so many people have told us about) and then head back into Europe to have a bit of a look at Sweden and then the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and then back through Poland to eventually ship Tin Can home from the UK in September.

We don’t promise to blog as much a last year during the African trip (after all EVERYBODY tours around the UK and Europe and it is hardly interesting news), but so many of our friends and readers have pestered us about what is going to happen next and where we are that we felt we should write a little? Some photos will also be attached at:

Two weeks have already quickly gone by since we arrived in the UK at the end of April  and events have broadly been:

  • Arrival delayed by 3 weeks due to the fact that Stan stupidly fell off his push bike in OZ and broke his collar bone. Still slowly recovering and it has both demanded the 1st week in England to be spent in a cottage to recover some more and has made putting up the rooftop tent a little difficult! But we are getting there…
  • Day of arrival – brass balls fell off the monkey due to temperature variation after leaving Australia (But, to be fair, it has warmed up since then from 4*C on arrival with a couple of nice 22*C days just as we started camping at Cambridge this week).
  • Picked up Tin Can from her wintering place in a hay shed. The farmer, Terry, had done a wonderful job of looking after her, keeping the batteries charged and she started first kick! Kissed her again..
  • Trip up to Nene Overland near Peterborough to have a new cover put on our Hannibal rooftop tent. (The zips had fallen apart after being used 400 times)! The guys at Nene were great.
    Fixing a new tent cover at Nene Overland

    Fixing a new tent cover at Nene Overland

  • Visit to 1000 year old Warwick Castle in Warwickshire – where the most interesting thing was a trebuchet (catapult) which flings rocks 300 metres. Met our old friends Laurie & Bronwyn who are also on a UK tour there as well.
  • After two days camping at the good Caravan and Camping Club site in Cambridge, drove to Great Yarmouth and the Norfolk Broads where we came across a lovely campsite at a place called Clippenby Hall. Lovely walk today through the surrounding Norfolk Broads countryside until this afternoon when the wind suddenly built to 35mph plus and the temperature dropped 15 degrees.  Sitting in the rooftop tent writing this, Tin Can is swaying from side to side alarmingly. We may soon be seasick? (They tell us that a huge weather front is drifting in from the Atlantic? Rain is next…..).
Our new graphics to record last year's Africa trip!

Our new graphics to record last year’s Africa trip!

Oh where is Africa?