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South of the High Tatras, nestled comfortably in the Slovensky Raj National Park lies Sucha Bela. A 15km trek, which winds up through a mountain gorge, over wooden bridges, up metal ladders and through the bed of the creek itself. Walking it is a thoroughly exhilarating experience and one of the highlights of our trip. It feels like you are in an Indiana Jones movie, as you tip-toe carefully across the slippery logs, before trying to elegantly shift weight to your new footing on the rock sides of the canyon. As you navigate ever upwards, the canyon rises, at times towering 30 meters above your head. In places it widens and you step on rocks to keep your feet from the ever-flowing stream that has carved your path, at others you must turn sideways, side-stepping across wooden ladders while pushing through narrow walls of rock.

If you are visiting Slovakia, or Eastern Europe in general, this is something that you must put on your to do list. It is a wonderful, awe inspiring hike, which connects you to nature while constantly demanding your concentration and agility.

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