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The nightmare is finally over.. We found our car insurance for Canada and the USA. I don’t think I have ever been so relieved as when I saw the email coming in that said ” Dear Erica, please find below our quote…” . And it is a good quote too. Admittedly, I was at the point that I would have signed for anything and was prepared to pay whatever they asked, but the offer is only 800 USD for a year. Having read blog posts of people who paid 1800 USD for 6 months, I was again very relieved. This will not completely blow our budget.

This guy who saved us is Karl-Heinz Nowag. His contact details are as follows:

Platanenring 15, 63110 Rodgau, Germany.

Tel. +49 61 06 1 69 60. Email

He also provides insurance for Central & South America at very reasonable prices.

After having read dozens of blog posts and forums, it looks like this is the only option for Europeans to get their own car insured for the Americas, especially if your car is older than 19 years. It is very important to arrive in an US port, after which you can easily go up to Canada and drive through Canada. You just cannot arrive in a Canadian port. Don’t ask me why.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all our readers for their help. Thank you for the comments you left with advise, the emails you sent us explaining how and where you found your insurance and the forwarding of our stories to your own followers. I promise we will not just be asking for help on this blog but also share our tips on where to camp, where to find the best restaurants, which books to read and how to find the nicest quiet beaches…

Ready to play in Canadian snow..