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FJ60 interior

Mechanical parts for your vintage 60 Series Landcruiser are easy to come by, and there are an endless variety of aftermarket goodies to put your hands on.  In our experience, though, folks often overlook a component of the build that’s just as critical to a good finish: the interior.  I can’t tell you how many sweet, old 60s we’ve seen that look and performed exceptionally, but would make your hot date change her mind once the door was opened on those tattered seats and smelly carpets.

The fellas at Extreme Landcruiser in Hesperia, CA, have your covered.  Literally.  Known for their work in fabrication and customization of both off-road-only and street-duty ‘Cruisers, as well as their bottomless stocks of LC parts and accessories, they recently announced that they’re now doing one-off interior remodels.

That’s right, custom.  No cheap kit here.  Ryan and his team will visit with you about what you need and desire, then put together a solution meant just for your ride.  You dream it, they do it; from vintage restoration to ghetto fab.

So the next time your sweetheart refuses to take a spin in your old 60 because of the God-knows-what odor that’s emanating from your carpet, give the guys at Extreme Landcruiser a buzz and ask about getting the inside of your LC performing as well as the outside.

More info here: Extreme Landcruiser 60 Series Interiors


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