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Exhaust Install

  • 1.75″ Walker Front Pipe – 31321
  • Walker 31321 Manifold Gaskets x2
  • 1.75″ x 2.25″ Walker Reducer
  • 2.25” Magnaflow Stainless Steel Universal Catalytic Convertor – 91005
  • 2.25” Magnaflow Stainless Steel Muffler – 13255
  • 2.25″ x 10′ Length of Straight Pipe
  • 2x Universal Muffler Hangers
  • 1x 1.75″ Muffler Clamp
  • 4x 2.25″ Muffler Clamps

I would have preferred to have a Doug Thorley Tri-Y header to 2.25″ exhaust, but the budget wasn’t having any of it. I replaced the front pipe with a Walker stock replacement pipe and adapted that to a 2.25″ custom catback. All it took was a 10″ offset (two 30 degree bends) in a length of 2.25″ exhaust pipe to connect the cat to the muffler. I’m running a short length of straight pipe out the back, but will need a small bend in it to clear the rear bumper that will eventually get built and installed.

For $210 we’ve got a new exhaust system that will flow better (and sound better) than stock. The truck is nice and quiet until you get on the wood.  We’ll definitely get some video happening soon so you can hear what it sounds like!



Gauge Install

  • AutoGage Gauge Kit – Autometer 2327

I had to cut out the bottom of the ashtray to mount the gauges here, but this really was the only option for a relatively clean install. I’ll connect the gauges when I install the new motor.


Fender Install

  • Toyota Fiberglass High Clearance Fenders

Corey from Toyota Fiberglass shipped us these High-Clearance fiberglass fenders on a rush so we could install them on the truck this weekend. I cleaned up the edges and the seam from where the molds come together and then drilled some holes to fit to mount these badboys. There was enough material left on the back edge of the fenders to massage the gaps just right. These fenders seem to fit much better than repro stamped steel pieces I’ve used in the past!