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Van Dyke Storage Box

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Storage in a small expedition camper like The Turtle V is critical. Clothes for four seasons, medical supplies, camera equipment, computers, tools and spare parts, food—it’s a long list, whether it’s for three days or three years. In addition to the Weatherguard box on the front rack, we needed more storage for light equipment and winter clothes. All of the manufactured boxes we looked at like Zarges and Alu-Box were too small or bottomless pits. In the end, we had Van Dyke Fabrication in Rocklin, CA design and build a custom aluminum locking weatherproof box just the size we needed. It securely bolts to our Yakima rack system. Let the packing begin!

Our custom aluminum storage box was designed and built by Van Dyke Fabrication. It securely bolts to our Yakima rack system.

Winter clothes and other bulky lightweight equipment will fill the new Van Dyke box.

Our front rack and Weatherguard storage box is very useful for odd size equipment that we need

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