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Overland Map – Beta

Overland Map Beta

We have today released the Overland Map Beta on Overland Sphere; the map is designed to help people navigate posts of interest from various continents, regions or countries.

OverlandMap Overland Map   Beta

Click the link to see the live version Overland Map

The map page is currently in beta & testing, we have not put a lot of work into the styling and usability of the map as our current focus is to finalise the core functionality and the development roadmap.

Some the areas we are considering:

  • Maps per continent / country
  • Overland routes by continents / countries
    • Possibly with live updates / comments
    • Ability for users to add the following to the maps
      • Accommodation / Camping spots & Reviews
      • Mechanics on the road – Reviews / info
      • Shipping Agents
      • Border crossing info on map
      • Overland Photo & Video Maps
      • Ability to filter maps by Overlander(s)
      • Overlanders Personal Maps
      • Not for profit organisations and volunteering opportunities

We are looking at a way to categorise each trip by including more searchable data in authors profiles, i.e locations, vehicle type, year of the trip, current / completed etc. You can think of it as an overlanders database.

We would really appreciate as much constructive feedback as possible, to help scope the future development of the site and to focus our resources on the items that would be of most interest to the community.  Specifically we are interested in what you would like to see;

  • is there any information or tools that would be useful for the overlander?
  • what interests you? How can we showcase the items that are of most interest to you ?
  • how you would like to interact with the website, search, UI, social media?

We have six months to work on the project before we hit the road again.

We would also welcome any interest to collaborate with us or to help contribute to the running site, please feel free to contact us.

Much more to come, these modifications are just the beginnings of next year’s development!

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