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Regular followers of our blog will know that late last year whilst in Mongolia our original ‘round the world’ trip had a huge change of plan when we received news that both my parents had been diagnosed with cancer. In February we ventured out again with a no commitments route through France, Spain, Portugal and down to Morocco; 5 months later and given the situation it’s hard for us to continue much further and rather than spend our hard earned cash pottering around an expensive Europe we have decided to head back to the UK and spend some quality time with my parents. The opportunity will also give us a chance to earn some more adventure funds and really plan the next phase of our trip. Despite adventuring being temporarily on hold again we will continue to update our website and blog.


Author: Around The World In 800 Days

Andy Smith and Emma Smart are two valiant adventurers who are driving around the entire world stopping occasionally to help out at chosen charities for a month at a time.

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