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Or, an Invitation to Please, Please Save Beaglebound! (by NK and Alex)

After running around Quito for the major portion of three days looking for a “good deal” on an 8d/7n boat ride around some of the Galapagos Islands and paying a minor royal’s ransom for it, we are finally booked to depart tomorrow.  But, alas, not without a good amount of controversy that is only rivaled by the charlatans who fill the two houses of Congress/Parliament (pick your country).  In short, Beaglebound is split, dear reader and we need your help to ensure its survival.


The “Blue-footed Booby”… Some say that Nat Geo paid a few grand for this particular photo…

The normally “thriftier” contingent of this team is quite adamant and positive that the large investment in time and money will pay off in full by countless wildlife sightings, delightful sea and land excursions and unforgettable scenery.  Proof, she says, lies not only on all the amazing National Geographic photos but mostly on the fact that everyone who we’ve met thus far who has been to the islands is no less enthusiastic about their own experience.

The normally more “profligate” member of the team has a less than luke-warm feeling about the return of this particular investment (the largest single-trip expense that the couple has ever made in their 4.5 years of travels together).  National Geographic sends its photographers for whole months to take a single good shot of a cute critter, he says.  He discredits people’s accounts of walking around crowds of sea lions and sharing tea with dolphins as exaggerated plots to justify their foolishness in spending so much on so little.  ”So this is what one has to pay to see a goofy-looking bird with blue feet in person?” he was heard mumbling as he signed the credit card voucher.  His only hope for a better-than-expected ROI is that a whale actually swallows him and blows him out of its blowhole into a spa tended by sea lions and beautiful mermaids where he’ll get the luxury treatment and a few good martinis.

As the reader may imagine, this wide gap in expectations has created some commotion and discord in Beaglebound.  But, as the saying goes, the proof will be in the pudding!

We need you to help Beaglebound survive this crisis and settle this once and for all. So, we promise to post all the decent photos that we manage to take within this fine publication within 3 days of our return (rather than with the 2-month gap that is our usual MO) and will leave it up to you to put a price on the experience after seeing the photos and descriptions.  We will average the amounts and post the verdict.   This will be your contribution to save Beaglebound