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Relaxing at Djidjack

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Djidjack, Senegal

IMG 3192 300x224 Relaxing at DjidjackOur new home for the next little while is Djidjack, a delightful campement run by a Swiss couple in Palmarin which is on a long spit on the edge of the Sine-Saloum delta, south of Dakar.

Campement is aterm used frequently in Senegal, for which there isn’t really a suitable English translation.  Essentially, it is a property which typically has some type of hutted accommodation and usually allows camping as well, although camping facilities vary hugely.  They also usually offer meals in addition to accommodation.  It would be too simplistic to call it a campsite.

This particular campement feels like luxury to us!  The owners have preserved the aged boababs when building the accommodation, and even have a table set up for breakfast in the arms of one of the baobabs.  The central communal area is relaxed and inviting – a large roundhouse with natural light funnelled into the middle.  There are a range of seats – from comfy leather sofas to traditional wooden stools.  Catering for children too, there is a library of children’s books (French) in addition to other books and travel guides.  It is very inviting, and we spend the evenings in the roundhouse, and are most welcome even though we don’t eat all our meals there.  We have set up our tent under a large leafy tree, and have a clean ablution block close by, which also has facilities for washing dishes and washing clothes.

The birdlife is lively – although not quite as varied as Wassadou.  We have revived a little bird bath near to our vehicle, which offers us spectacular sites of the many birds coming down to drink or have a bath.  We have spent many an hour reading books while keeping a beady eye on the cordon bleus, firefinches, bulbuls, hornbills, starlings, sparrows and weavers which jostle for their own space at the bird bath!  It is not unheard of to refill the birdbath 2 or 3 times a day!

Directly to the east, not far from here, is the edge of the mangroves which make up the Sine-Saloum delta.  One of these days we’ll take a pirogue trip and explore the waterways and mangroves.  The western boundary of Djidjack is the Atlantic Ocean – not quite warm enough for an African GirlChild to swim!

Since we’ll be here for a little while (still in recovery mode), we’ll be able to catch up on all the photographs we have taken – so watch out for new albums!

 Relaxing at Djidjack

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