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This part of the expedition is brought to you by the letter “C” Coatzacoalcos, Campeche and Cancun.

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As we wrapped our tour of the city of Oaxaca, we headed down out of the mountains and began working our way to the coast. Our first stop would be in Coatzacoalcos, a coastal town, then Campeche. We  heard and read about the history, people and culture of this town as well as how beautiful it was with it’s streets all laid out in a grid pattern and how each home was painted a different color. After Campeche we would make our way to Cancun.

046 007 011 014 015 023We were truly amazed by the sights, sounds and how wonderful Campeche is. We felt as if we were not in Mexico at all and someplace in Europe. It was hard for us to break away but we knew that we must. Next stop Chichen Itza.


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