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 ”If you want to influence your family,you can lead the way through your own actions. They are not going to change their worldview by something you repost on Facebook, but when they see you following through on your big dreams, they can’t help but notice.”

–  Chris Guillebeau

We are holding a used camera drive with the Muskoka Foundation to support their photography workshops for children in need of a creative outlet!  We’ll bring the cameras to El Porvenir, Honduras and put on a photography workshop to teach the youngsters something they may otherwise never have the opportunity to do.  After our time there we’ll leave the cameras so they can share their lives and stories with us through their Facebook page.

Who are we donating the cameras and our time to?

Honduras Child Alliance, El Porvenir, Honduras

In the small town of El Porvenir, Honduras Child Alliance has been working with children and families living in extreme poverty since 2009. They serve roughly 200 children throughout the area to improve their educational opportunities as well as improve living conditions and health. Honduras Child Alliance collaborates with many small organizations, individual efforts and schools to provide a holistic approach to bettering this community.

In addition to the photography workshop we hope to help improve the health of these Honduran Families by helping expand the nutrition education program.


What are the requirements for the donated cameras?

We are looking for used DSLR or point and shoot digital cameras that have the following:

  • Manual Capability (F-stop and Aperture control, Program Setting, ISO and White Balance Control etc.)
  • Minumum of 8MB
  • Maximum 5 years old
  • Battery and charger functioning and included
  • Any cables and manuals that can be provided are appreciated but this is not mandatory

This is a general guideline, so let us know if you’ve got any questions!


How can you donate?  

There are a few ways of donating!

1.   Drop it off at our Hasta Luego, Vancouver! party on September 21, 2013 at 3:00pm!  We’ll have the truck parked outside so come by and take a look!

2.   Send us an email at with the subject “Used Camera Drive”.  Richard can meet you to pick up your camera!

3.  If you are interested in donating a camera but don’t live in Vancouver, please send the package to the address below.

Muskoka – Desk to Glory Camera Drive

Richard Giordano

307-1188 Richards Street

Vancouver, BC

V6B 3E6

 If you would like to send a note to the youth that will be receiving the equipment we are more than happy to deliver this to the communities as well!