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No, I haven’t forgotten about you it is just this whole “landing” business takes a lot of time and energy.  Let’s cut right to the case – I both love and hate for being home.  Pretty sure Gaila feels the same way.  The house is wonderful, but way too big.  The food is awesome, but way too much.   The friends are a pure joy, but way too many activities.  High speed internet is productive, but too many sources and messages all firing at once.  I know, all good problems to have – first world problems (FWP).   We are adjusting away from our most recent ‘normal’ back to this old ‘normal’ – but changed.   Still taking stock of all these things…how we have changed through a new view of our world.

The casa!

The casa!

Our career break has been successful.  We are both getting our heads around the “work” word and are weighing our options. Conversations are happening, interviews are taking place.  I for one, miss the mental stimulus of solving business problems and look forward to jumping in.    This time around however, I will be doing it with a broader perspective and hopefully better understanding of those things, ideas and people that might be different than myself.  I bet good things will happen as a result.  Gaila has hooked herself up with the Downtown Issaquah Association and will be using her excellent social skills to help them with event coordination for things like the Art Walk, Wine Night and Car Shows etc.  Right in her sweep spot!

Awesome Issy!

We have been working hard on the house and will entertaining our second and third set of visitors this week.  Maybe we will just open the casa as “Hostel Overlandnow”. :-)    First came our awesome Aussie road family friends Bjoern and Sigrid.  Their week long stay gave us a great chance to rediscover this Pacific Northwest place we call home.  Bryon & Sarah show up this afternoon and we will even have a quick overnight folks from one of the travel networks.   Should be a full & fun house.  Sarah, too fun:

We have both been splitting our time between the bikes and cages (cars in case you were wondering).  Driving just feels so sterile compared to being on the bikes.   This past Sunday I got to test some of my old off-road skills having to navigate wet grass and mud.   Not something you get in Mexico or other places very often.   This weekend we are headed off for the Touratech 2013 Rally with our global traveling friends Donn & Deby  We might even get a chance to speak, but still waiting to hear for sure.  Yes, I know sort of last minute.

Any rate that is it for now.  Time to go fill out boring paper work and get ready for an exciting round of interviews tomorrow.

OK, one more thing – I want to link to my friend Enrique Vega’s website as he has such great art and photography.  This is a picture he took of Arizona and it is these type of daily views that make being home so difficult.

Enrique's Arizona

Enrique’s Arizona