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Leaving  Mexico was a somewhat chaotic as you have to ‘check out’ of Mexico before you can enter Belize.  The border was a zoo (surprise!) with traffic jammed in every which direction (not unlike almost everywhere else in Mexico!)  We planned to cross all borders early, but lollygagged too long at Chetumal, the last Mexican town before crossing, so we found loads of people standing in the line to get through.   After a couple crowders, Tad’s irritation meter goes off and so out came the elbow and stink eyes to keep making progress.   Anyway, we got through, and crossing into Belize blasted right up to the immigration office like we owned the place, un-geared and got into another line waiting to get clearance.  After 15 minutes of hot and sweaty waiting, we found out we were supposed to get our moto’s fumigated before we could enter the country.   Frustrated, because we knew this but didn’t see a big indication where to do it) and sweating even more, we got out of line, drove the motos back to the fumigation spot a short distance away and got sprayed (thanking baby Jesus they didn’t spray our fresh pineapple strapped to Tad’s pannier!)   Back into the line, things moved fairly quickly; we got our passports stamped and vehicle passes in about 30 minutes.  We motored through the first checkpoint, only to have them confiscate that fresh pineapple we paid 15 pesos for on the Mexico side.  Our bad since we should’ve known we couldn’t bring fruit in.  That little juicy piece of deliciousness was definitely missed later that night.   We were happy to cross into Belize – the gateway to Central America, (but feels more like the Carribean)  but mostly we were hot, tired and hoping to find our cabana in the jungle before dark.

Learning patience as we travel through latin america that everyting doesn’t  move as smooth as it should.