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I had never really thought of going on holiday in the US. Somehow it always felt that the US was not exotic enough for a vacation. Now that we are actually going there and even spending several months, there are of course many things I look forward to. Most of all I want to see with my own eyes whether the things we see in all  the movies and films are true. Just like many foreigners coming to Holland expect people to walk around in their wooden shoes and live in windmills, I wonder whether the five following things are really like we see in the pictures.

Having breakfast or lunch in an american diner.

Breakfast in an american diner

I really look forward to having breakfast in a typical american diner. Do they all look like this? Do you always get a free refill of coffee? Are portions twice as large as in Europe? Are all waitresses named Loraine? I will find out!

Taking pictures of Panda next to an american truck

Big trucks

In my head the wheels alone of these kind of trucks are as large as Panda. Sharing the road with them is exciting, exhilarating and also -a bit- scary. If there will ever be a question of who gets to go first at a crossing, we will know what decision to take.

Sleep in a motel

I am not sure if most motels in the US accept pets, but if so, then I would like to spend a few nights in a motel. We have about ten days between our arrival and the pick up of Panda in Baltimore, so we will probably rent a car and drive around in the State of New York. I have a mental picture of a motel just off the highway, with little wooden cabins and a porch and picnic tables.

Drive around in a suburb

Who doesn’t want to drive around on Wisteria Lane? Beautiful white houses each with their own fenced garden. Little boys on bikes throwing news papers on beautiful mown lawns, yellow school buses picking up kids on every street corner?

Go to a mall

I am curious to see how large those super malls really are. As large as the french “hypermarche”? As large as a shopping center in cities like Hong Kong and Bangkok? Will there be a hundred kinds of laundry detergent? A hundred tastes of cereal? Fifty different kinds of ice-cream? Do they sell televisions and stereo’s in supermarkets?

I took the pictures in this post from the internet. As soon as I have experienced all the above I will update the post with our own pictures.