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One year of Milo

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Dear San Francisco Animal Care and Control,

One year ago today, we adopted Milo. Nine days later, we headed south with him, driving in our Volkswagen camper down through Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, until today, here in Colombia.

Here is some of our first year with our new best friend.

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Leaving his beloved Heather at the adoption center

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Learning to swim in Baja

8028839253 3947ed4229 z1 One year of Milo

Assisting at the mechanic

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Enjoying the ferry ride over the Sea of Cortés to Mazatlán

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Rooftime play in Mazatlán

8111207500 07c9fc4bcd z One year of Milo

Taking part in Vochorama (VW fest) in Guadalajara

8129457617 92dd96df1a z One year of Milo

Angling for tacos in Tapalpa (Jalisco)

8186549006 7480c96d7c z One year of Milo

Hiking at 3500m in the Michoacán Butterfly Reserve

8111185248 21fed61350 z One year of Milo

Shopping for bargains in a market by Lake Chapala

8208911518 d6dafa52d5 z One year of Milo

Celebrating the Día de la Revolución at a parade in Dolores Hidalgo (Guanajuato)

8231914531 4430fd0621 z One year of Milo

With his host Mosey in San Miguel de Allende (Guanajuato)

8253095198 53714fe8de z1 One year of Milo

Boating on Lake Catemaco (Veracruz)

8385437534 bb892604cf z1 One year of Milo

Helping to prep piña coladas in Calderitas (Quintana Roo)

8445003406 b5a80df90c z One year of Milo

Playing big brother to Chiquito in Puerto Escondido (Oaxaca)

8504653757 63b504f896 z1 One year of Milo

Exploring Hierve el Agua (Oaxaca)

8696021100 23beae370d z One year of Milo

Birdwatching in Cobán, Guatemala

8727705030 326fdb353f z1 One year of Milo

Waiting for gasoline outside Antigua, Guatemala with visiting relatives

8755858930 0ab825eb1a z1 One year of Milo

Posing with Mom
in Suchitoto, El Salvador

8749152870 2200a3ab67 z One year of Milo

Beachcombing in El Zonte, El Salvador

8913843872 d002c6264d z One year of Milo

Cooling off in El Porvenir, Honduras

8972850445 ecdbd4aea3 z One year of Milo

Frolicking in a public square in León, Nicaragua


9069683987 a7cedb8f75 z One year of Milo

On the volcanic island of Ometepe, Nicaragua

9095116681 cdeea27d7f z One year of Milo

Hunting for crabs in Costa Rica

9286237345 debe5f29b9 z One year of Milo

At the Panama Canal

9527810632 61c57d59d5 z One year of Milo

Exploring Panama City in the rain

9565613070 823cdc9045 z One year of Milo

Excited for his first (we think) airplane ride!

9622879923 2c7054220b z One year of Milo

Hiking the highlands of Colombia

9652160569 146b5840b5 z One year of Milo

Always a sport about church photo ops

8696017376 2eb9b1c62d z One year of Milo

Watching the world go by…

We could not be happier with the MVP of our journey. He guards our campsites, keeps us warm on chilly nights, and helps us with all of the dishes. He came to us fully potty-trained, gets along great with all of the dogs he meets, and allows all the children to manhandle him without getting ruffled. And he’s only gotten carsick once. Most importantly, when things get stressful on the road, he is always ready with his smile and the offer of a walk. He has adjusted to life so well on the road. We only hope he’ll be able to settle back into San Francisco when we make it back next year.

Thanks so much for the work that you do, and for making us a family!


Stephanie, Juan and Milo

ps: yes, we updated his shots this week!

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