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Vehicles of Overland Expo 2013: MOTOS

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I know, this post is supposed to be dedicated to motos, but how awesome is this duo? Adventure awaits!

BMW & RawHyde Offroad have once again stepped up to offer an incredible experience for all the overland motorcycle enthusiasts out there at Overland Expo 2013. They offered up demo bikes, tons of riding instructors, a dedicated offroad skills riding course as well as tons of seminars and classes for all ability levels. Even though the moto event is, sort of, separate from the Expo itself it really doesn’t feel like it, as all overlanders have an instant bond based on their love for travel. As a current 4 wheeled overlander I have to say that I fully admire the dedication it takes to be as exposed as you are on a moto while traveling. At the same time I’m envious of the relative simplicity of the dual sport traveler and yearn to put some adventure miles on a bike.


Tad & Gaila, of Overland Now, just returned from their trip to Panama & back in time for Expo. These guys rock and crushed the Maya Rally with a 3rd place overall finish, and were the only bikes to finish.


Lots of well attended and informative classes in the Moto area at Expo.


The rodeo arena was brought to life with a moto skills course. Rodeo on a 1200GS might just be as big a challenge as riding a bull!


Some very skilled riders showed how “easy” it is to wrangle a big dual sport over tough terrain.


The Urals at Expo brought a lot of smiles to a lot of people.


Triumph motorcycles are just classy bikes. I love seeing people think a little outside the box when picking and setting up an overland moto.


If you like dirt, get a dirt bike!


I had a blast tooling around on a Zero motorcycle for a bit. Instant torque from the electric moto was good fun:)


RawHyde moto support truck.

Triumph Tiger Explorer
Classic GS Dakar Edition
Need more fuel?
Yamaha Super Tenere
Yamaha Super Tenere Tourateched out!
Triumph Tiger 800
RawHyde BMW adventure awesome
BMW GS800 with LOTS of Giant Loop storage
Ural Sidecar Goodness
Overland Journal's tricked out Ural

You’ve now gotten a taste for the VANS, LAND ROVERS, TOYOTAS, JEEPS, BIG RIGS, OTHER COOL RIGS and the motos from Overland Expo 2013. Besides all this vehicle goodness there was tons of exciting happenings at Expo that are coming to you soon right here on Exploring Elements.

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