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Naar Ethiopië

Khartoum 3 Tuti-eiland ligt op het punt waar de Blauwe en Witte Nijl overgaan in de Nijl. Tot voor kort kon je er alleen per boot komen; het heeft daarom een dorps karakter. Om de bebouwing heen zijn veldjes met gewassen en “fabriekjes” waar van leem...
The history of Axum

The history of Axum

We stopped to take photo’s at a church not sure if it was the Church of St Mary where the Ark is kept. A small voice suddenly said behind me that this is the church of 4 languages. I asked him where the famous Church of St Mary is and he said he will show us and be...

The Simian Mountains

The Simian Mountains was one of the first must-see places on our list when we started planning for Africa. Many overlanders have discussed back and forth if this area is safe to visit, but apparently all are believe this is a magical place. For a long time, however,...
Tiny Little Savages!

Tiny Little Savages!

Leaving behind the dust, we were once again back on solid asphalt, riding through open plains dotted with round wooden huts. On one side I could see the mountain range that separates the bitter tension between Ethiopia and Eritrea. On the other side there is rolling...

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