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As time has passed so has some perspective been obtained. For those planning to visit any of these countries I hope the lists will give some idea of my personal opinions. Most of the lists are in no particular order and in fact are probably incomplete. FAVOURITE...
“So, how was Ethiopia?”

“So, how was Ethiopia?”

Since we arrived in Kenya and especially during our three stays at Jungle Junction, the well-known overlanders campsite in Nairobi, people again and again have asked us for an account of the experiences we made in Ethiopia. Most overlanders at the moment seem to start...
Maryam Tsion, Axum

Maryam Tsion, Axum

After the “Axum-virus” has stopped us from visiting this important city twice (first due to a gastro-intestinal virus Mischa caught when we were in Ethiopia last winter and second due to the recent virus which kept us busy for over ten days), now it...
Back in Ethiopia at last!

Back in Ethiopia at last!

It is only ten months ago that we left Ethiopia: On the 15th January 2015 we flew back to Germany after volunteering in the kindergarten in Adigrat. The hospitality of all the people we met in Adigrat and the deep friendships that evolved from these contacts after...

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