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Onwards from here..

In my last blog I wrote we had a lot of decisions to make in the upcoming days.. Our plans have changed so many times already, countries we want to visit, time and the order we visit them due to costs and route restraints. Money is sadly also becoming a...

En weer naar Mozambique

Op de dag na onze aankomst in Lisse wordt mijn moeder vanuit het ziekenhuis overgebracht naar het hospice waar ze na drie weken op 84 jarige leeftijd rustig inslaapt. Een grote verandering in ons leven; onomkeerbaar, vreemd en onwennig. Maar toch stappen we morgen...

“En? Hoe was Afrika..?”

In het voorjaar van 1608 verschenen 13 schepen van de Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie voor de kust van Ilha de Moҫambique. Met 337 geweren en 1840 manschappen voerde de VOC een ware aanval uit op het machtige Portugal. Dat Portugal bestuurde namelijk op dat moment...

Racen met Bromsnor

De agent in het wit gesteven overhemd heeft ons middels een ferm handgebaar naar de greppel van de dirt-road verwezen. Geroutineerd overhandigt Marijn al onze papieren; paspoorten, rijbewijs, verzekeringsbewijs en carnet de passage. Als gebruikelijk wachten we het...

Cuthbert’s ‘Old’ Updates

14 February 2015 – loads of new pics added under the new page: Cuthbert’s Favourite Galleries with lots of new gallery compilations of photos from our favourite places. 5 February 2015 – new page added for our (very) short stay in Moz. Click on the...
TRIP 4 – Marangu to Taita Hills

TRIP 4 – Marangu to Taita Hills

27 Dec 2014 I leave the Marangu lodge at 10:30, with the aim to get to Nairobi. The original plan is to take the road that goes around the Kilimanjaro and then go to the boarder post to Kenya. However I change the plan in the way. The Kilimanjaro isn’t visible...
TRIP 4 – Zanzibar

TRIP 4 – Zanzibar

21 dec 2014 The day in Zanzibar starts late. I couldn’t sleep the last night and I ended up watching the last movie of Nightmares (Freddy) at two am… The result is that I woke up late and I was on the street at 11:00. The stone town is nice and there are...
TRIP 3 – Guludo Lodge

TRIP 3 – Guludo Lodge

16, 17, 18 Aug 2014 Guludo lodge is one of those places where you want to be with your partner. It is a lodge managed by locals, with the support of one European, in a pristine place. There are not other turist but and the one at other nearby lodges are not visible,...
TRIP 3 – near Pemba

TRIP 3 – near Pemba

13 th and 14th Aug 2014 The lodge Il Pirata is very nice and Carlo and Susanna, the owners very nice people.  I spent two days relaxing, trying to learn kite surf, fishing,  etc… One thing that impressed me is the tide. In the Mediterranean Sea there is a bit of tide...
capetosicily 2014-08-14 21:13:57

capetosicily 2014-08-14 21:13:57

11/08/2014 Today I wok up early and at 5:00 am  I was at the meeting point at the beach ready for a great day fishing. I brouht with me all the riggign needed to fish game fishes and I want to use it now! In reality I discovered that the boat wS going out for the...

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