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Kenya, Eluai Public Campsite, Masai Mara Conservancy (Mara Triangle). Sunday 13 September,Week 21, day 153.

This was another of the really big events of our trip, we were finally heading for the Masai Mara. We had last visited a savannah type conservation area at Kidepo NP in Uganda about 3 weeks previously. Seeing the animals of East Africa and experiencing the classic...
Een huis in Afrika

Een huis in Afrika

“Gezocht: iemand die tijdens onze vakantie op de camping wil passen.” Dat was in het kort de advertentie waar ons oog op viel toen we nog in Uganda waren. De oproep was geplaatst op de website Horizons Unlimited door Duncan en Elli. Ze zochten iemand die een paar...
Getting back in the Groove with the Gorillas

Getting back in the Groove with the Gorillas

  It’s amazing how easy it is to become complacent when you travel for long periods of time, particularly when you get ‘out of your groove’. Having stayed with family in Kampala we found ourselves slipping back into European ways; a restaurant for lunch followed...
Lively Minds

Lively Minds

Our border crossing day was one of those uneventful ones with only minor incidents too easily forgotten such as Emma locking the keys in the car… And subsequently finding out how easy it is to get back inside with the help of the local ‘mechanic’ (with dodgy...

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