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From Liberia to Ivory Coast

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The concept of time and distance
When you ask three Africans how long it will take from Monrovia to Gbanga (in Liberia), you get three different answers. Hour and a half, two hours, four hours, “it depends on how fast you drive; if you drive 50 km p/h it will take you 1 hour”. But it’s 200 km. The same…

Mon dieu ce pays est tres magnifique! (Ivory Coast)

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Ivory Coast was compared to other African countries a blank space in our heads. We barely knew anything about what to see and do and none of our guidebooks covered the country due to its recent civil war. But once again we were in for an amazingly positive surprise.
Once through immigration the track led through a beautifully forested landscape…

The perfect French colony: Côte d’Ivoire

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We crossed into Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) and within hours drove into Abidjan, a Manhattan-style city that arose from poverty and reconstruction after several civil wars. We drove past it completely astonished. The road turned into a European-style two-lane freeway in almost perfect condition, which is unique in West-Africa. Côte d’Ivoire had been a model former French colony under President Houphouët-Boigny,…