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Monty Python in Africa and a hot dog.

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Yes, we have no beer.
When I leave Boujdour for Dakhla – a flat desert road of some 360 km. – a group of young men shout at me when I pass them, making drinking gestures with their hands. Do I have some alcohol for them? No, of course I haven’t. You can’t get it anywhere. Such hypocrisy. Morocco produces…

10 days in Nouakchott, the notorious Senegal visa and relaxing days at the Atlantic

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Having planned to be in Nouakchott for about two days, life decided to do it differently again. We spent 10 days in total there waiting for our Senegal visa approval. Endless e-mails and calls seemed to change little of the fact that African bureaucracy is stronger than reason. For anybody planning to go to Senegal any time soon we highly…