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Juayua Food Festival

Juayua Food Festival

There is something special about small mountain towns.  They feel so secluded from everything else and typically are rich in culture when compared to the major cities.  Each one seems to have its own unique thing and rarely is it obvious.  Maybe it’s a certain...
Some Thoughts As We Head Home

Some Thoughts As We Head Home

It appears that we’re living in a time that’s increasingly controlled by people who tell us we need to shut ourselves off. We need to close our borders, lock our doors, buy guns, build walls, trust nobody. It appears that we’re living in a time that’s...

Expense Report – Central and South America

I know that everyone wants to know, how we are able to afford this trip and how much it costs. When planning for the world tour, i needed this information for myself. So before we left we decided to record our spending. We tracked every single purchase that we made on...

Desk to Glory Sticker Sale!

Stickers are now on sale for $3.00 including shipping anywhere in North America!  Stickers are available for purchase for a limited time only – until February 16, 2016. 500 4″ Diameter circle stickers will be available. The post Desk to Glory Sticker Sale!...
México: con los colores del Caribe

México: con los colores del Caribe

Belice hola y chau Todavía encantados con todo lo que nos pasó y conocimos en Guatemala, cruzamos la frontera con Belice, un país incógnita para nosotros que así se mantuvo ya que lo atravesamos en el día. Lo que pudimos ver en esas horas de carretera dentro del país...
Beer League

Beer League

Dan Boldly going where few beer drinkers have gone before, I have selflessly dedicated the last 18 months to trying new beers from Canada to Argentina as we traveled the Americas. One could argue that the sheer number of beers (567)tried in such a short period of time...

Tigo vs Tigo

As you blast down the Panam Hwy sooner than later you’ll realize that having a constant internet package in pocket is more affordable and easier than one would think. Coming from Canada one just cannot wonder how come that a so called thirld world country as...

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