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From a one night stay D&D Brewery became a multi-night station. If one of the fastest internet is not enough reason to stay a bit more, there is the food, the relaxing atmosphere and of course there are lots of things to see around. Pulhapanzak waterfalls is one...

Expense Report – Central and South America

I know that everyone wants to know, how we are able to afford this trip and how much it costs. When planning for the world tour, i needed this information for myself. So before we left we decided to record our spending. We tracked every single purchase that we made on...
Penguins at Punta Tombo – Argentina

Penguins at Punta Tombo – Argentina

I’ve personally started sharing more of the photos of the trip on Instagram and I realize that we don’t really give Hodori the attention he deserves. He has been our home, our place of refuge and emotional security. Silly customs officers aside, Hodori...


< ?xml version="1.0"?> Wir verlassen Guatemala und betreten Belize, ein Land in dem alles anders ist als im Rest von Zentralamerika. In der einstigen britischen Kronkolonie (British Honduras) spricht man Englisch, Kilometer heißen hier Meilen und Meter sind...

Teil 6: Honduras

vom 08.10.2015 bis 13.10.2015 Honduras ist ein armes Land, von Bürgerkrieg und hoher Kriminalität gezeichnet. Als Tourist bekommt davon wenig mit. Aber Wehe, man kommt den Drogendealern in die Quere, versehentlich in eine Gegend, wo sich Banden verschiedener Kartelle...

Desk to Glory Sticker Sale!

Stickers are now on sale for $3.00 including shipping anywhere in North America!  Stickers are available for purchase for a limited time only – until February 16, 2016. 500 4″ Diameter circle stickers will be available. The post Desk to Glory Sticker Sale!...
Beer League

Beer League

Dan Boldly going where few beer drinkers have gone before, I have selflessly dedicated the last 18 months to trying new beers from Canada to Argentina as we traveled the Americas. One could argue that the sheer number of beers (567)tried in such a short period of time...

To ARB or not to ARB

There are many stories from the road I have had no time to share. Sometimes I wonder about some travel bloggers how they manage to write up so many posts, add photos and maintain on endless social networks their status. You can have busy days on the road, you need to...

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