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Im Amazonas Tiefland

Im Amazonas Tiefland

< ?xml version="1.0"?> Für die nächsten acht Tage haben wir eine Abenteuer Tour im Amazonas Regenwald gebucht. MOMO lassen wir in Cusco stehen und per Flieger geht es 500km hinunter ins Amazonas Tiefland nach Puerto Maldonado.  Als wir aus dem Flieger...


East Timor– a country whose very name brings up thoughts of civil war and brutal occupation.  And one where my knowledge of it ended there.  It’s now a country struggling towards a stable democracy, with a surprisingly cordial relationship with it’s...

Timor Leste

29th August          Timor Leste History The Portuguese first arrived in Timor in the 16th century, with the Dutch following 50 years later, both with a vested interest in the trade of sandalwood and timber.  The two powers were to compete for Timor over the next...

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