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Frust in Armenien

Frust in Armenien

Wir möchten in ein Land einreisen, in dem die Scharia gilt. Das ist sozusagen das Strafgesetzbuch Gottes und Unzucht soll beispielsweise mit 100 Schlägen bestraft werden. Wir haben die Visa für den Iran erhalten. Am Abend gehen wir noch in Yerevan essen und dann ins...
Engine Sorted and Serviced

Engine Sorted and Serviced

After a short hibernation period were about to head back out on the road. Bee-bee’s cracked cylinder head has been replaced and she is raring to go (we hope). Here’s a quick outline of the work she’s had done… New Cylinder Head Having the car...

Shipping from Israel to Greece

Coming up the east coast of Africa there are at the moment very limited options for finding your way to Europe without container shipping. The ferry that used to run from Egypt has been canceled, and the other routes from Egypt through Libya or east via Syria are...

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