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Tehran Murals

Tehran Murals

​Tehran is an incredibly vibrant, modern city with L.A-esq elevated highways, an impeccably clean and advert free metro system and a whole host of well-maintained parks and gardens. Throughout the city you can’t help but be astounded at the amount of...

Vous avez dit terroriste?

Certes, le terrorisme est condamnable et les terroristes doivent être poursuivis et dûment punis. Encore faut-il intervenir au bon niveau et ne pas se contenter de jeter des lampistes à la vindicte publique; sinon le terrorisme aura encore de beaux jours.Pour...
My Kinda Playa

My Kinda Playa

First to clear up any confusion, “playa” is pronounced “ply-ah” and it means beach in Spanish. After the laundry debacle of 2015 we drove East across the Yucatan peninsula to one of my favorite beach bum towns, Playa del Carmen. 4 years ago I was working in a...

How to get there!!

One of the major issues facing the team at the moment is planning how to get from Turkey to Egypt. Originally I imagine driving all the way around the Med was the ideal choice. Interesting history, cultures and less logistical hassle. However there are a few issues...

Ramble on, Peru

After the warm reception of Colombia and then the warmer embrace of Ecuador we are finding Peru a bit troubling.  We are having a hard time coming to grips with Peru and its identity.  For example, we find,  at times, ourselves thinking we are in...
Welcome to Syria

Welcome to Syria

  At the Syrian borders all the prats must be grouped together for the job of custom inspections. These guys basically empty all of your belongings onto a table and then go through them. About 4 or 5 prats do it simultaneously, which makes it difficult to keep an...

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