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11/15/2013 – 134 days/14082 miles

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After two days in Albania, I consider myself a total expert, and I’m a bit torn between the two extremes of the place. The views of the mountains, and the riding in them was great…from 2nd gear on dirt and loose gravel, to 3rd gear on twisty paved roads with very unpredictable and frequent changes in quality (just to keep…

Back in Europe – Greece & Albania

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As you’ve seen from our border crossing / shipping post, we made it to Europe and Greece. And even if Israel in some ways felt quite European, arriving in Greece definitely took the edge of the adventure level. We quickly decided to skip the “easy” route involving a ferry to Italy and driving north on Italian highways, and instead went…

Verder Albanië in

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Fietstocht bij Shkodra

We lenen fietsen van de camping om door het platteland naar een historische brug in de buurt te rijden. Na het einde van het communisme werd de grond verdeeld: een gezin op het platteland kreeg 2,1 ha, net genoeg om het bestaansminimum te bereiken. Dat resulteert in een heel afwisselend landschap met veel fruit, waarschijnlijk primair om…

Disorders on Borders Part 2

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Two things stood out from our brief visit to Albania, the cars on the road and their drivers. I read somewhere that in Albania 80% of cars are Mercedes. Although this seems ridiculous, our experience told us it couldn’t be far from the truth. This is apparently due to a large scale smuggling operation after the government collapsed in the…

To Fushe Lura, Albania

Fushe Lura was like a rumour, a myth. We’ve read about it somewhere, ‘the worlds 501 most wild places’ book perhaps; a short story about a hidden village, completely forgotten, up on the mountains in Albania. Disconnected from the world, it’s nowhere in the maps or any other conventional guide we searched in but the description of the place, together…

Montenegro & Albania

18th August
We cross into Montenegro and stop at the border crossing where we buy a green card for €15.  We pass Kotor Bay, as we drive slowly down a single carriage road, stuck in a huge traffic jam.  When we eventually get going, we notice the scenery is similar to that of Croatia’s, with high green…