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Venetian bowls

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I was astounded on first visiting the little boy’s room in Austria to find a toilet basin that appeared to have been installed backwards. Most Europeans are accustomed to a watery sink hole at the rear with a gentle, ergonomic upwards slope towards the rim at the front. However this new and alien specimen has its pool hard at the…

Austria: hospitality, sarcasm and the dangers of group psychology

Read the original post and follow Cornwall to Cape Town's overland adventures on their website: Cornwall to Cape Town.

We left Bratislava across the Danube. I was excited to cross this great river that has always formed one of history’s most significant borders. Looking across the misty banks, I could picture anxious  roman legionnaires at the limits of civilisation, surveying the dark, endless unknown  from their walls. As we crossed over the space-age soviet bridge, I imagined we were…

Bahn-storming Europe

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Position: 43 30′ 10″ north, 16 26′ 53″ east
Distance from Sydney: 16,221 km
Travelling does strange things to the passage of time (no, no, this isn’t an elaborate excuse around why it’s been two weeks before an update from the road). Travel speeds time, but at the same time compresses. We’ve been travelling two weeks now, and on the…

Good bye, Vienna!

The past days had been quite stressful for me. After 10+ years of business travel and my previous journey from Austria to India on my motorbike, I should really be used to pack my stuff. ;) Well, there are some new things on my equipment list, which I only received last minute. My last action back home was soldering a…

Back to Vienna

After a 8 months journey and 26,500 km on the road, I’m finally back to Vienna. I’m very impressed how clean my hometown is. It’s strange but pleasant to walk a street without everybody staring at you.
However, the best thing about coming home is to meet with friends and family again. Guys, I missed you!
I’ll be busy the…

Day 1: Vienna to Graz

We were supposed to take off around noon, however final packing took way longer than anticipated. It seemed like someone is inflating the bikes and there is still stuff left to go on somewhere. I already know that I’ll be sending half of the equipment back home (every long-distance-rider seems to have the very same issue), but what will proof…

Vienna Preps

30.07.2010  Visa – the endless story
Have been to the Lebanese embassy today. Thought I’ll get the visa right away. Not a change, but will collect it tomorrow.
31.07.2010 Family dinner and admin stuff
Just another Visa done: LebanonOne final Visa missing: Nepal (but that’s not mandatory as I should be able to get this at the border as well…