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Boxed out by ocean swells vs boxing wallabies.

Boxed out by ocean swells vs boxing wallabies.

While working through our tour of Australia we decided to find some coastal time along the Eastern shores. A little bit of research showed us that we could reach the most southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef within three days of driving from Sydney. (did we mention...
The Place in the Midde

The Place in the Midde

We are stuck. We spend our free time reading other travelers blogs, sucking up the nervous energy of those just preparing to embark, the excitement and joy of those on the road, and the reflection of those at the end. We exist in a rather odd place in the middle. We...

Skydive Fiji

WARNING The content of the following time lapse video may cause you to live your own skydive.Euporia brought on by an excess of adrenaline is a common side effect . “………….and once you have tasted flight,you will walk the...
Fijian Fun

Fijian Fun

Our porter, an enormous man wearing a traditional sulu, pointed to the right and said “your room is that direction”. We headed off at our normal, harried, city pace and rounded two corners before we realized we’d left him, and our bags, in the dust. Not knowing where...

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