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Basic First-Aid Kit Info

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September is Preparedness Month, and what better way to be prepared than updating your first aid kit?  (Or, if you’re more like me, finally putting together a legitimate kit because you’ve never bothered with more than aspirin and some band-aids in a baggie before.)
Whether you need a simple kit to keep stashed in the truck or a comprehensive kit…

Health Preparations

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Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor.  Don’t base any health decisions on the information on this page.  I mention this only because it seems to be the done thing; frankly, anyone looking to a random blogger for medical advice probably deserves their parasites.
All travel comes with health risks. Thailand has dengue; Vietnam has alarmingly high traffic fatality rates; Australia has…

Χάπια, εμβόλια κτλ…

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Χάπια ελονοσίας, βιβλιάρια και οδηγίες προς ταξιδιώτες!

Χτες μετά από την επίσκεψή μου στη “Διεύθυνση Υγείας” και στο νοσοκομείο Λοιμωδών Θεσσαλονίκης, όπου έκανα προληπτικά εξέταση αίματος ώστε να ξέρω σε τι κατάσταση βρίσκονται και πόσα είναι τα αντισώματα που έχω για τους διάφορους ιούς, έφυγα αρκετά χαρούμενος, αφού τελικά βρέθηκαν ορισμένα εμβόλια τα οποία ήταν είδος υπό εξαφάνιση στη χώρα…

Medicines and vaccinations

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Believe it or not, we are not able to simply pack our truck and drive anywhere we want.  For the past two years, we have been doing extensive research on the documents, vaccinations, etc. needed.  We’ve found that there are quite a few vaccinations required to cross certain borders in Central and South America and there are also several medications…

Vaccinuri si medicamente

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(vaccines and medicines)
Capitolul Vaccinuri este foarte vast si controversal. Singurul vaccin ce trebuie facut obligatoriu este pentru Febra Galbena, dar cum ai contact cu atita lume, iar Africa este locul unde bolile nu dispar trebuie sa fi un pic mai precaut si sa incerci sa te protejezi. Intradevar si daca asculti de toti ce spun ar insemna sa te…

Malaria prevention – An expedition with a mission

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Later this year I will be driving my beloved Land Rover into a 20 foot container for her maiden maritime voyage. It will take exactly a month or two for her travel 7242 km across the Atlantic to Uruguay where (if the shipping horror stories I hear are accurate) we will have to head butt customs, kick the port officials…

Real World Practice at the Wilderness Remote Medical Training Course

Jim at hospital with kidney stones

We were hunkered down for the night in the woods of, well, downtown Seattle, exploring the outer banks of Magnuson State Park.  This 400-acre compound of athletic fields and NOAA buildings, engineered wetlands and one kick-ass dog park was our unofficial weekend home while attending the recent Wilderness Medical First Aid course.  Class bound…

Final preparations

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Shipping schedules have changed and the shipping date  from Melbourne to Cape Town has been brought forward a week  to 12th December and time is now coming to a crunch! The vehicle is packed and ready and has had its final service by Rex Gorell Land Rover Geelong. (Next stamp in the book Land Rover Nairobi)?Insurances for both the vehicle,…

Preparations are proceeding

Whilst the date of departure is drawing closer – we are currently planning to leave April 1, 2012 –, our travel preparations are slowly but steadily progressing. This is a short update on what has happened during the last weeks of preparation.
Once more, we have discussed and pondered about vaccinations and health issues in general. We both still…

Our medical kit & health on the road

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We (Nick & Vicki) have just spent 1 year travelling overland in a Land Rover in Africa and wanted to share with you our medical / health care tips.
Hygiene & Basics
Two overriding issues you have to think about are clean drinking water and basic body hygiene.  Bugs love Africa!!!  We used a charcoal / ceramic water filter…