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How To: GPS Mapping

Read the original post and follow Song of the Road's overland adventures on their website: Song of the Road.

In 2008, we were in Paris, France attending Blizzard Entertainment’s World Wide Invitational.  After the event, we rented a car to tour southern Spain.  A few days before we left for Spain, we were in a giant electronics store, where we saw several Garmin GPS units.  They were expensive, but we eventually decided to take the plunge and buy one.…

“Mapping with Google” Course Keeps You on Track

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Are you getting ready for you next big adventure behind the wheel but you’re not quite sure the best way to do some route planning?
We’ve been big fans of Google spatial products for years.  They somehow manage to cram seemingly endless amounts of what I’m sure is very complex information in to a super-simple and fun-to-use interface.  We’ve used…

Easy trip assistance app

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by Roseann Hanson
How many times have you been reading a magazine or book, and come across some place you want to jot down to remember to visit, such as a landmark, a restaurant, a museum, or a trail?
In the past I either scribbled these onto a nearby post-it note or in a file on my computer. Inevitably these…

Maps and Compass

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Electronic equipment has a habit of breaking or changing hands and for this reason we will also be taking paper maps and a compass with us.
We will be using Michelin maps 745 (North East) and 746 (Central and South). Although not as detailed as Tracks4Africa, they have comprehensive coverage of all major roads.
For the European leg of our…

Something different this time — Leon, Nicaragua

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Leon, Nicaragua
Where I stayed
<divclass=”” style=”padding-bottom:7px”> Hotel Austria Leon
(Leon hotels)
We have been asked a few times about the vehicle we are driving on this trip along with its equipment. So what follows is not about where we have been recently but is to provide some info on our Land Rover and the stuff in it.

Outdoor Retailer, day 1

Read the original post and follow Overland Tech & Travel's overland adventures on their website: Overland Tech & Travel.

Overland Tech and Travel arrived at Outdoor Retailer in sunny Salt Lake City this afternoon. We managed to visit a couple dozen booths before the happy hours began. Over the next three days we will be reporting on new gear as well as just cool stuff. Follow our Flickr Outdoor Retailer set as well (http://www.flickr.com/photos/conserventures/sets/72157630877676310/with/7701752420/).
Here’s a preview:

BioLite stove:…

Routing and Planning

After Christmas break and a hard drive failure, we’re back to our overlanding advice series!  This is part five of ten.
Despite living in the Bay Area I have always been one who prided myself on navigation sans technology. I reluctantly purchased our Garmin Nuvi months before our departure. Getting used to a calm computerized voice dictating my every turn…

10 days left

Yes, I admit, it’s all very exciting. The ferry is leaving in 10 days and if it wasn’t at night time we would be standing on the deck, looking at the soggy Island disappearing behind. But it will be at night and so we’ll probably sit in the bar, toasting our very last pint before the road.
10 days left.…


Our Overland Adventure will take us across Europe, where there is a magnitude of road & GPS maps available. The further we cross Asia, the less reliable and available overland mapping products become.
GPS products have now extended from the PC to standalone equipment and even to mobile phones. Nokia (who now own Navtech) have made available, for free, Ovi…