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Camping South of the Border

If you’re thinking about touring Mexico and Central America and want to camp along the way but are uncertain if it’s smart or safe, then you’re like us and likely haven’t found any much information on the subject.  And because of that the little information we could find led us to the conclusion it just […]

The trip so far

It’s been almost four months. And we’re still in Mexico! We didn’t really know how much we’d like this country, and how comfortable we’d feel traveling here (hint: it’s like the US, Walmarts, Home Depots and all, but cheaper, and in Spanish). When we we started, we thought that after spending the holidays with Steph’s […]

BGAN review turns into a real-life test

When we took the OCENS BGAN satellite communications kit to a remote beach in Mexico where we planned to celebrate the New Year with friends, we expected to have fun testing it by checking email and news, and maybe making a few phone calls to friends …

Dead or Alive….

We have so much to tell you but the internet is so slow. Main points are that we’ve been denied entry to Chile due to Matilda being Right Hand Drive. This is a new one on us….nothing on the internet but the rule is legitimate. We have the embassy on the case and if they’ve […]

Galapagos: Trap or Treasure?

Or, an Invitation to Please, Please Save Beaglebound! (by NK and Alex) After running around Quito for the major portion of three days looking for a “good deal” on an 8d/7n boat ride around some of the Galapagos Islands and paying a minor … Continue reading →

The Road Less Travelled but More Tarred

Sudan declared its independence from the UK in 1956, but now a new kind of (semi) colonialism is kicking in, in the form of the Chinese. In return for a stake in the countries rich oil resources, the Chinese have deployed foremen to every corner of Sudan to build the most beautiful tar roads, even […]

A Road to Villecroze

We know the day’s going to be challenging. When the weather doesn’t cooperate it’s just another thing to factor into what is, by it’s nature, an unpredictable way to see the world. It’s a long day on the road to Villecroze – one of the longest so far in France – but it’s well within […]

Peru Update and Gratitude

I want to thank everyone for the amazing amount of support we have received over the last 24 hours!  The money that has been donated towards our recovery and safe return is more than we could have asked for.  The … Continue reading →

A little help from the locals, Belize

Checking/cleaning connections and testing voltage.  Thats what my day looks like.   Less than exciting, but i’m painfully aware that there could be worse backdrops.  We could easily be stuck on the side of the highway, or alongside one of the lots outside of every town where the residents have …

Big Fish at El Rancho

After all of my belly-aching about the hot and humid weather on the coast, it’s finally bearable! A few weeks ago, we left Paracho (the guitar-town), and drove about 4 hours down to the coast. It was Scott’s birthday, 12/12/12, and we were pleased to f…

10 Million Bats and A Few Hot Springs

With Alpheus gone, we decided to gun it through Zambia in order to arrive in Tanzania for some holiday cheer with old friends. On the recommendation of Toast Coetzer, editor for go!Namibia magazine, we took a detour to Kasanka National Park in central Zambia. Our arrival would serendipitously coincide with Kasanka’s annual bat migration. Every October, millions […]

Zen and the Art of Pirate Camping

We spent two days in and around the town of Salento just on the outskirts of the zona de café.  The draw to Salento, aside from its charm, is the Valle de Cocora.  The cocora are the world’s tallest wax palms and can crest over 200 feet.  The valley is home to groves of these […]

The Pilot Butte Wild Horse Scenic Loop

 Horsepower of a Different Kind In Search of Nowhere We had just come up from the north end of the Flaming Gorge Reservoir in Utah, and stopped at the Visitors Center in Rock Springs, Wyoming. Surrounding Sweetwater County is home to 10,500 square miles of pure, high desert adventure, so it sounded like an easy […]

Maya Rally 2012: Los Niños de Irapuato

When we registered for the Maya Rally 2012, we had the choice of paying upwards of $400.00 in entrance fees or alternatively, sign up to volunteer for a week with the Muskoka Foundation, an organization that pairs overland travelers with projects on their route- all around the world. I first learned of the Muskoka Foundation […]

The Chilean Lake District

Maybe it’s the name but the Lake District in the UK is known for its perpetually wet weather and we found similar conditions in the Lake District in Chile. The lakes here are surrounded by beautiful snow-capped volcanoes but we were only teased with occasional glimpses of the snowline. However the Lake District is very […]

Northwest Argentina Camping

Roadside Quarry, Salinas Grande (S23 26.243 W66 09.117, 3510m) A turnoff from the main road goes through an area with large piles of scree about 200m from the road. There is a large flat area in front of one of the piles where it is possible to get out of the wind. Free. No Facilities. […]


Pucon is often referred to as the Queenstown (NZ) of South America. This is pretty close to the mark and there are lots of adventure companies, cafes and restaurants.  If the weather is good this is the kind of place that will suck you in. A few minutes walk from town is a very nice […]

Nightmare in Peru

As many people are already aware, Jed and I and my sister in law, Jenny have been through a very traumatic experience here in Peru.  I wanted to put this out there to first of all let everyone know that … Continue reading →

False Start to Guatemala

We say our goodbyes and are excited to start exploring new territory.  In this case, Guatemala.   We cant believe our tour of Belize is so short, but there is very little coastal exploring to be done without a boat, and we cant find a resort willing to let us …

SeaWorld: golfinhos de todos os ângulos

Você gosta de golfinhos? Então o lugar certo pra ficar bem pertinho desse bichinho adorável é SeaWorld. Além do berçário de golfinhos Dolphin Nursery e do espetáculo Blue Horizons, ainda rola o Dolphin Cove.   No Dolphin Cove você pode ver golfinhos de todos os ângulos e bem de pertinho além de interagir com eles! Dá […]

Cusco and the sacred valley/ Cusco et la vallée sacrée, Peru

Comme dans le dessin animé qui me plaisait tant, les mystèrieuses cites d’or, nous avons exploré les ruines incas de la vallée sacrée. Like the images in the magical cartoons of mysterious cities of gold, we explored the Inca ruins of the Sacred Valley. Tout çà, nous a paru une grande arnaque touristique non pas […]