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kayamping the san juans

is kayamping a word?  A few weeks ago we saw an online deal for guided kayak trips to see orca whales in the san juan islands and knew immediately that we had found our next trip out of town.  We’ve each spent a total of about 45 minutes in a kayak …


Super Off Road

Dan Rewind 19 years to a 17-year-old me, I was, to put it politely driving adverse, this pretty much continued […]


Costa Rica Expenses

The Next Adventures | Travel Stories From The Road | Adventure Travel Around The Globe 1,871,606.130 Colones and 60 nights of Pura Vida in Costa Rica…. The exchange rate at the time averaged 540 Colones to $1 US dollar. A few notes on the above numbers: After 5 months on the road we decided that […]


Giron to Medellin, Colombia

We ride from Bucaramanga to Medellin all in one day…and it’s a big day. We hadn’t planned to do that, but it’s how it worked out. We stayed in Giron in a small hotel on the cute town square. Had… Read More ›

A little terminology

Before I begin blogging about this fantastic life that Hendrik and I live, I better explain a few words that I commonly use, and that people often question me about. OverlandingAccording to Wikipedia, overlanding is an Australian term, but, honest…


Mais où sont-ils ?

Bonjour ! Vu le nombre de questions que nous recevons sur notre site web ou par email (où êtes-vous, vous allez où, vous rentrez quand ?), je pense qu’on vous doit bien un éclaircissement. Oui, nous avons bien quitté l’Amérique du Sud. Nous sommes repassés par la France et sommes actuellement (Aout 2014) en Turquie […]


Little 4Runner on the Prairie

The Prairies Despite everyone’s warnings about how boring the prairie states are, we have really enjoyed our week long journey across them. After our brief visit to the US we crossed the border back into Canada, but Ike completely biffed the first question from the border agent. Agent: “Where do you live?” Ike: **silence for […]


TRIP 3 – from Tete to Malawi

06/08/2014 Today wake up at 6:00, rich breakfast and I am on the bike at 8:00! A record for me!!! I leave Tete and head straight toward the border forgetting to take a picture of the Tete bridge over the Zambezi River!!! What a shame … anyway… The travel is long and it is wise […]


TRIP 3 – I finally leave harare!

5/08/2014 Ok… It’s official, the battery is dead! After one night charging with the brand new charged bought in Harare for 30 dollars, the battery is still flat… Not a good start and it was the first time I was on time to leave at 6:30!!!! So back to the basics… I need a new […]


TRIP 3 – still in harare…

04/8/214 I finally go the collect the bike! The process is quite fast actually. First to the office to pay the invoice. Than to the warehouse to collect the bike. Off course the battery is fat. Thanks Hid I have the booster! I connect it and the bike starts at the first trial. The issue […]


Slow-Travelling Westwards

Long Abandoned Horse-Cart, Hungary On Sunday our Swiss friends went back home again, so we’re travelling alone now (both, travelling in a group and alone has its good and bad aspects, of course!) … Actually, as you are constantly meeting new people while traveling, you’re never alone if you don’t want to be. Unfortunately, due […]


Panama: Camp Site List

Quick note: we were on a mission to ship our truck when we got to Panama, so the camp site list is pretty slim. Quick clarification: we stayed in the hotel at Country Inn & Suites, we didn’t camp there. However, there is camping in some of the parking lots nearby this area. Boquete Free […]


Movin’ on!

It’s 6 o’clock in the morning and the first light of a new day hesitantly enters the rooftop tent. I don’t need an alarm clock. Or rather: I don’t need an alarm clock anymore. I can get up when I want, but I like to be outside before the sun rises, see the colours change […]


Rider from the storm

The last couple of days have been those long and only satisfying after a hot shower days , spent on the road . The weather has changed dramatically from what I have been used to while riding cross country to and through Kenya. The border crossing was fairly uneventful with the usual chats and laughs […]

Last days in Ethiopia

We left Lalibela early in the morning and reached Bahir Dar by 4pm. This is how we would have liked to introduce this part of the text, but alas, it all came differently. When we stopped on the dirt road…


The Darien Gap: A Tale of Two Ports

Shipping Across the Darien Gap When we started planning on driving the Pan-Am Highway, shipping across the Darien Gap was the most daunting obstacle.  Now that we have made it through the gauntlet, I wanted to share our experience and understanding of the entire process. First off, let me just say that this process can be […]

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