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A month of Buenos Aires

Our month in Buenos Aires is ending today. I’ve shot very few photos here. Part of it is that I’ve been here before. Part of it is that it’s been so hot. And the other part is that I don’t… Read more →


Salvador Dalí Museum, Figueres, Cataluña, Spain 11/13

Salvador Dalí (1904-1989), the famous and colorful Catalan artist and writer, had very clear visions when he insisted that “his” museum should be in Figueres, the town of his birth. On the site of the former municipal theater, the Dalí Theatre-Museo was born. He had his creative hand in every detail of this venue. It […]


The lost coast of Michoacán- part 2

Winding our way along the coast of Michoacan we felt like we were driving a tropical version of Highway 1 in northern California. Along the cliffs, the road hugged the rocky, wild beaches below, giving you glimpses at white sand that few people ever touch. It would be a place that would be perfect to […]


Playa Tecojate

Our minds have not been ready to write much in the past few weeks with Dunya almost dying. Now that she is doing better, I will try to catch up where we left. After having to leave the beautiful Lake Atitlan, we decided to drive to the beach. Our new friends John and Betti decided… […]


Update on Equipment

I had some time today so took the opportunity to update the Bikes and equipment page with feedback (In Red!) Hopefully useful for all you potential adventurers out there!http://ginoontour.blogspot.co.uk/p/the-bikes-and-gear.htmlRight, what the Hell is …


The lost coast of Michoacán- Part 1

In the mountains of Colima the night before we made the “big decision” on wether to drive the lost coast or head inland to Guadalajara, I could tell that Sam really wanted more beach time so I told him we should definitely head back to the ocean and drive the 250 kilometers of the lost […]


The Border to San Felipe

It’s 150 miles via the main highways to San Felipe from the border. The crossing has taken longer than I had expected, but that will be the story from now on. Clocks run slower in Latin America, and for that… Read More ›



KUALA LUMPUR Weerzien met familie en vrienden, Sinterklaas en Kerst achter de rug én een verhuizing van onze zoon. Op de terugvlucht rusten we uit! Bij het inchecken van de vlucht kunnen we met kleine bijbetaling Businessclass regelen, dat maakt…


An Enemy named Time.

To be more accurate, my enemy of late is named the lack of time. Recently I wrote about finding balance and was starting to feel I was on the right track. Then Jim and I both got sick AGAIN, as in for the … Continue reading → An Enemy named Time. is a post from: The Next Big […]


Mt. St. Helens

Iesāksim pirmo ierakstu šajā gadā par kādu no lielajiem kalniem, lai tad arī gads ir piepildīts ar lieliem kalniem un citiem interesantiem piedzīvojumiem. Neskatoties uz to, ka Svētās Helēnas kalns, kas atrodas Vašingtonas štatā tika apmeklēts tālajā 2012. gada vasarā, bildes beidzot ir sasniegušas arī “dienas gaismu”. Ceram, ka jums patiks!  Kalnam ir vismaz divas […]

Budget: Baja, Mexico

We spent 43 days in Baja, Mexico and spent a total of $1,471.60.  That means that we spent on average $34.22 per day. Our largest expense was food ($757), followed by transportation ($417), and then living expenses ($253 – almost all camping costs). We didn’t include insurance, which we got from bajabound.com — this insurance […]


Port Sudan Ik word aangesproken door een man die vertelt drie vrouwen te hebben, twee uit Soedan en één uit Yemen. Hij heeft lang op het vliegveld van Jeddah in Saoedi Arabië gewerkt maar is nu bezig met een carrièreswitch: hij heeft een aantal wonderen meegemaakt en daarom besloten dat hij profeet is. Zijn roeping […]


Chacala to Guadalajara

Our last stop before heading inland was Chacala.  We didn’t have time when originally passing by to check out this town, but made sure to stay here for a night […]


A grand day out

After a bit of a false start today when the two Ian’s met up with us to do a bit of “off roading” and we found new signs prohibiting motorcycles from the area we had in mind, we managed to pull the rabbit out of the hat thanks to Lindsay Barrie and for…


Zambia: Rain and Spiders in Kafue National Park

Dec. 11-17, 2013 Kafue National Park The tsetse fly-infested road to one of the campsites. The flies are attracted to moving vehicles, perhaps mistaking them for large metallic antelopes. Kafue was the first national park we visited during what tourism operators like to call ‘the emerald season’. This is code for ‘frequent heavy rains’. Most […]


Becoming a writer

There is so much information out there!  Similar to when we researched the overland adventure, I am wading through so much useful information – but sometimes it feels a little overwhelming. So far, the vast amount of information has yielded some clarity for the immediate steps: Step 1.  Just get writing!  It is so easy […]


Dakar Rally 2014

In the morning we walked the 3.5 km to the Dakar Village. There was a photo exhibit at the command center. We then got in the huge line for entry tickets. The end of the line was about 2 blocks … Continue reading →


Crossing into Old Mexico

In the book “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert, Liz talks about finding a single word to represent or describe her. She takes the entire length of the story to figure it out, and chooses a beautiful Italian word I… Read More ›

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