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Our hotel in Key West, frequented by bikers..

Key West…

Key West is all about fun in the sun…..with a rum, of course !! (or three !!) That about sums it up for most people I think, judging by the amount of business the bars and restaurants do here !! For the most part this blog is filled with photos we took there of the […]


Angkor Wat?

To visit an historical site in New Zealand often means a visit to a Māori pā site which will involve standing in a grassy field, or on a headland, looking at a ditch which marks an old fence line, perhaps another which denotes a storage area. Don’t get me wrong it’s always interesting, standing there […]



TOT ZIENS ZUID-AFRIKA Wat hebben wij een drukke tijd gehad in Nederland! Behalve alle familiebezoek, vrienden en kennissen, oppassen op mijn kleindochter (leuk!) en 2 verjaardagen was er de overlander-rëunie van Coen en Karin-Marijke die al een ja…


The Big Four Fauna of Lowcountry

This time it isn’t majestic mountain peaks or an endless expanse of red desert.  It’s not a bustling urban center teeming with busybodies, or even the deep blue waters of a great ocean.  What’s struck me most about this week’s travel through coastal Georgia and South Carolina is the broad, impenetrable drapery of foliage shading this journey […]


Livin’ it up in Livingstone

After our very expensive border crossing – and feeling skint after parting with US$200 for the experience – we decided it was time to be budget conscious for a little while.  Also, we were meeting an online friend in Livingstone, so we decided to find camping in Livingstone itself, rather in one of the numerous […]


Bolivia Beckons

The morning sun was finally beginning to reach the valley floor far below, the sky was cloudless and the day promising to be as warm as can be at nearly 3000 m above sea level. The Sacred Valley of the … Continue reading →

Made in Kazan

So, I hopped (more like stumbled with heavy feet and loaded rucksack) onto the train in Moscow, bound for Kazan. A ‘short’ overnight train journey that saw me greet the new day to a new town. I had a good feel about this one. Smaller, more my style. Not so lost in the crowds and […]


Lake Malawi – Palm Beach

We were like children keeping the nicest sweet for last.  We were on our way to Cape Maclear but at the last moment decided to turn of at Palm Beach. George from George, said on his blog that it is … Continue reading →


Coup de coeur au Guatemala

Le titre de cet article doit vous mettre sur la voie : nous avons beaucoup aimé le Guatemala. Après avoir fini de réparer l’attache de l’alternateur et climatiseur au Belize, il ne nous reste que quelques kilomètres avant d’arriver à la frontière. Le passage se fait sans histoire, toujours la même routine, annuler visa et […]


Back In Canada

Posted from Cobalt, Ontario, Canada. January 14, 2012 – Fall of 2013 It was mid January when we had reached Toronto, Canada. We were immediately reminded of the freezing cold […] The post Back In Canada appeared first on not all those who wander are lost.

The Terminal

My last post in South America…..hopefully for now at any rate.We are in airport departure lounge which is crap really. Its got nothing so stay outside as long as possible. Just round to the left side of the airport (facing out the doors) is a nice cafe on the other side of the road. You […]

Narrow Argentinian Mountain Pass

Narrow Argentinian Mountain Pass can focus your mind! This road is marked as normal on our maps, but it is the worst we have seen yet. It was a bit exciting at times! We started from Tinogasta on Route 60 to go about 40km to Route 40. It took us about 25 hours! (We did […]



We heard about the campsite in Blantyre named Malo-a-Moya Secure camping run by Liz & Lawrie de Klerk. We previously always camped at Doogles but thought we will rather, because it is a weekend, stay with them. We were the … Continue reading →

The views from a river tour boat were often better than from a Hop-On-Hop-Off bus.

England #8 (London #5) 5/13

It was our last day in London. How much could we cram in? Perhaps there was a better way to see more without walking 10 miles. Historically, London was a very busy port and the center of commerce. The River Thames winds its way through the heart of the…


CruiserFest 2013

What From planning a cruiser expedition to adventure photography, hone your skills or learn something new at one of our Land Cruiser skills classes. Visit the first ever Land Cruiser Heritage Museum – an extensive collection of iconic Land Cruisers. The Cruisers on display range from a 1959 FJ25 to a 2012 Toyota Land Cruiser VDJ78Rs […]


Vehicles of Overland Expo 2013: BIG RIGS

The big rigs had a big presence at Overland Expo 2013 with the Unimogs taking center stage with a big display/gathering at the center of the vendor area. The big trucks dropped a lot of jaws with their sheer size, plethora of features, luxury amenities and price tags. It is hard to define “big rigs,” […]


Joe vs the Volcano…

No sure what to say here. We went, we “bathed?”, we washed. We enjoyed it. It was 50,000COL each which included dinner. I’ve always wanted to go to one and now I have. Its an experience.I performed some other checks for a quarter pounder and horse meat….turns out its a double quarter pounder and hung like […]

Graeme Nothard

Lake Tana to Simien Mountains

On a bullshit management course I went on a couple of years ago we were told about delivering difficult news with a Bad News Sandwich – if you want to tell somebody that they’re effectively ineffective you start with a … Continue reading →


We’ve Done It!

Late on the evening of the 10th of June, exactly nine months after the team set off from Perranporth, the Cornwall to Cape Town expedition arrived in Cape Town. The punters of Long St, central Cape Town, found their evenings … Continue reading →

Yep, there

To the Southernmost Point…

We were on the road by 7.00 am, riding as hard as the traffic laws would allow, trying to get as much mileage under our belts before the sun got to “baking mode”… I came very close to running out of fuel at one point and limped into Vero Beach on fumes. Patricia was waiting […]

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