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Botswana – Land of Giants

We had been warned about long queues, being hassled by fixers, money changers and souvenir salesmen, and general African bureaucratic border bollocks when entering Botswana on the ferry from Zambia.…

Mana Pools

Oct. 12-Oct. 15, 2013 Mana Pools, as mentioned previously, is a game reserve with no fences. We spent four days there. It was pretty enjoyable despite the 40-degree heat, apart…

Way Up the Glacier

It turns out that the people that make crampons make them in children’s sizes (micro-spikes). Kids need to climb glaciers too. We started the day with a little Roadside Potato… read more

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Other Overlanding Posts (Preparation, Information & Uncategorized)


(ever since Esther Rantzen’s talking dog series that word has never sounded the same again!) After leaving Talca we headed a little further south to Chillan.? Along the way we…