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Namibie en Zuid-Afrika, maart 2012 Het is hier herfst; een mooi tijdstip voor een bericht aan jullie. Na ruim een maand hebben we Namibië verlaten. Als we achterom kijken, vinden…


Zambia en Namibië, februari 2012 Op 31 januari jl. vertrokken we –na 3 weken onverwacht in Nederland te zijn geweest- weer naar Lusaka, de hoofdstad van Zambia. Helaas is de…

Wrapping up B.C.

We crossed back into Canada the same day with no issues. Just a 5 minute border passport check. Then, it was a leisurely drive down the rest of the Cassiar… read more


  Laguna de Santa Maria de Oro Knapp mit einem halben Jahr Verspätung komme ich endlich an der “Laguna de Santa Maria de Oro” an. “Verspätung”? Stimmt, wie kann man… read more

Another day in SMA

It’s not exactly midnight yet, so it’s still time to post todays blah-blah. Despite some serious heel pain I am still strolling around SMA for the daily dose of photographs.… read more

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The Rally Crashers

One thing we’ve come to appreciate about our Southeast Asian friends is their ability to coerce us into doing unusual activities that we would never otherwise do. This subtle trickery…

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Venice Life

Venice. It’s where my Family and I call home. For now anyway, before I’m forced to live in the back of a pick-up truck. Oh, am I still harping on…

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Electrics done!

Ok -maybe  not the most exciting of posts, but a huge milestone for us. After another long weekend for Rich,  the electrics are finally finished! If any of you have…


Saturday 8th to Monday 10th December 2012. Iskenderun, Pozanti, Bolu. Stepping off the boat we were led around the crowd of truck drivers collecting their passports from an official’s suitcase.…

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