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<span></span><span></span>Kādu laiciņu atpakaļ publicējām <a href="http://www.izaicinajums.com/2013/10/molybdenitepeakbc.html" target="_blank">rakstu par braucienu uz Molybdenite kalnu un ezeru</a>. Pēc nelielas pauzītes esam arī saņēmušies un salikuši kopā nelielu video un piedāvājam to apskatei.Cerams, ka jums patika un deva nelielu ieskatu šajā unikālajā vietā - uz drīzu tikšanos nākošajos ierakstos! :)<img src="http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/izaicinajums/~4/a03Fj4M8-hk" height="1" width="1"/>

Molybdenite – Video

Kādu laiciņu atpakaļ publicējām rakstu par braucienu uz Molybdenite kalnu un ezeru. Pēc nelielas pauzītes esam arī saņēmušies un salikuši kopā nelielu video un piedāvājam to apskatei.Cerams, ka jums patika un deva nelielu ieskatu šajā unikālajā vietā – uz drīzu tikšanos nākošajos ierakstos! :)


Central Gambia’s Tendaba Camp and Banjul

Tendaba Camp On the South Bank of the Gambian River, some 45 km. from Farafenni, is Tendaba Camp. A hunting camp in the 1970s it is now a regular tourist feature on the upriver schedules of boat and bus tours from the coast. Lonely Planet recommends taking one of the VIP rooms because of the […]


We Like a Big City! – Cuenca and Southern Ecuador

Most people wouldn’t call Cuenca a “big city”, but for our standards, it is plenty big, with a population of over 400,000. We usually don’t enjoy the concrete jungle of cities, so we were pleasantly surprised by Cuenca. Cuenca is clean, with abundant green spaces, and multiple rivers running through town. One of the many […]

on the road

Reads for the Road

I love taking books on the road. They’re sometimes cumbersome to pack, but when your kindle dies in the car or a flight attendant makes you switch off your eReader in flight, having a real book in your backpack pays … Continue reading →


The Maoist Revolt

You may recall a reference that I made a short time ago regarding Nepal’s turbulent recent history involving the fall of the monarchy, the rise of the Republic, and the persistent problem with those rebellious and violent communists, the Maoists. You may also recall my mentioning that the country is still plagued by periodic Maoist […]


Burkina Faso

Πατήστε εδώ για να δείτε όλες τις φωτογραφίες Μπουρκίνα Φάσο, ή αλλιώς «Η χώρα των έντιμων ανθρώπων». Δεν ξέρω αν είναι η χώρα των έντιμων, άτιμων, έτοιμων ή ότι άλλο ανθρώπων, είναι στα σίγουρα όμως η γρηγορότερη στις γραφειοκρατικές διαδικασίες χώρα … Continue reading →


Road Trip…

A few friends meet up in Florida…..Finally we met Lizzybus.Yes their is oil on the drive and yes David needs to clean it off before he leaves the rental property. One more good thing….they found a backup of their photos and the ones that were missing were in the trash can on another laptop which […]


Strictly come dancing

Cuenca, Ecuador [by Paula] A great many things have happened on this trip that could not have been predicted. In fact, the majority of happenings were not foreseen, but some are more surprising than others. So when I was standing watching Jeremy change from his jeans and t-shirt into an 11-piece Bolivian dancing outfit, including […]


Into The Gambia

From Senegal to Central Gambia The route from Mbour in Senegal leads through flat, dry savannah  with Baobab trees, and small villages with round huts. The road is well paved, even beyond the waypoint on my GPS where it says: “Potholes”. Lots of cows and goats crossing unexpectedly, and the odd couple of monkeys. Judging […]


Welcome to the States! (Liberia)

Arriving at the Liberian border at dusk we dropped off our passenger and went through loads of different institutions again to be able to leave Sierra Leone. The guys there have been exceptionally friendly and chatty though and we met some truly legendary people like the heavily equipped task force commander with a voice of […]


An Unexpected New Years Eve

We spent most of our NYEs with our friends on mountain cottages in the Czech Republic or Slovakia. It usually involved lots of snow, alcohol and loud music. This year was completely different… We were adopted by a Croatian-Chilean family … Continue reading →


The Last Post… CAPE TOWN!!

We made it to Cape Town! In general keeping with our tardy blog posts, this news is a little overdue. We reached Cape Town at the start of December and tucked Ambi away in storage in Stellenbosch. On 12th December I flew home and after watching my plane take off from the top of Table […]


Noord Thailand

KAMPHAENG PHET En pet is het! Normaal zijn er big smiles en wordt je overal gastvrij ontvangenl. Niets ervan hier. U krijgt nergens een plek wordt ons keihard gezegd. Een kamer nemen en in de auto slapen, oke dan maar. Die kamer stelt niets voor, onda…

Merengebied Ethiopië

Addis Abeba We vullen onze voorraad aan in de eerste redelijke supermarkt die we in Ethiopië tegenkomen en vervangen de kapotte accu. Die moet uiteraard cash betaald worden; bij de zesde pinautomaat die we proberen kunnen we geld opnemen. Daarna beginnen we aan het visumverlengtraject. Zo makkelijk als het krijgen van het visum was, zo […]

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