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Honduras in 5 hours and 10 minutes

An early start was in order on this particular day and an early start we got. Our resident rooster woke us at 0100 then again around 0300’ish and if we had had the energy rooster wasn’t going to make the … Continue reading →

India: Oye Kidaaaaannnn South India!!!

TweetThe amount of distance that needed to be covered in the South was intimidating! We had to haul some ass and get this trip on the move! Getting out of Goa we headed out into Karnataka. All this time Nick’s thumb was hurting, especially over the combination speed bumps…7 speed breakers in a row?  What’s […]

Down at The Mill

Checking out the camera in front of Vulcan Villarrica After taking a drive part way up the side of Vulan Villarrica it was time to head towards our next border crossing.  A drive through the pretty countryside towards Argentina was without mishap and the border crossings pretty straightforward.  Once across the border we delighted in […]


As I said we have seen some pretty darm impressive game in Africa thus far, but we knew we were at Etosha out of season and the game would be very spread out. We still saw A male Lion and two Lionesses digging into a Gemsbok right on the side of the ro…

The Long and Dusty Road

Four months was always an ambitious timetable for a trip as long as ours, and with a bit too much fun, and a bit too much customs admin behind us, we were sitting a bit too far north with a bit too little time when we finally set out from Kigali. Anna had already travelled […]

Short stop in Rwanda

We’d heard that everyone in Rwanda is terribly polite and this proved to be the case.  The first people we met after the border were these lovely students who came to welcome us to their village and the country as we stopped to take some photos at a lake.  They had been learning English in […]

Ugandan Discussions

The officials on the border gave us a pretty easy ride into Uganda (each border seems to have got easier as we’ve headed further south) and didn’t even bother to look at the car, so we were able to make our way to Jinja the same day.  It’s the first major town past the border, […]

One Gigantic Circle

We are back in Montevideo after almost 5 months and 20 000kms. We are staying at the same hostel, Impecable, and I remember the last time I sat in the seat. We were waiting for the Land Rover to arrive and I was nervous, excited and slightly hung over. Since then we have toured Brazil, […]

Joya de Ceren

We visited the Joya de Cera archeological site. It is known as the Pompeii of Central America. The site was covered in volcanic mud and ash at least 14 times, beginning around 260 A.D, with the last recorded around 600 … Continue reading →

Ruta Interlagos radiator

Roadside radiator repair While following the beautiful country lanes of the Ruta Interlagos today we became aware of an unwelcome smell – water coolant leaking out into a hot engine compartment. The bumpy corrugations of the Ruta Interlagos has caused the radiator to jump off its mounting, lurch backward into the engine compartment, pushing the […]

Kapps, Caps, Cabos and Capes

As a wise lady (Viking Explorer’s sister, of course) wrote on the blog: “It’s like a book, really – you flip the page, and the story takes an unexpected turn… Looking forward to the next chapter ”. And here it is – the next chapter. Kapp2Cape seems to be taking on a life of its […]

San Francisco

As our departure date gets closer, we made a quick trip to San Francisco to pick up Gary’s special 6-month visa for the EU/Schengen countries at the Swiss Consulate. It has been our tradition, whenever we go to San Francisco, to buy a fresh crab at Fishermen’s Wharf, a loaf of sour dough bread at […]

Car Preperation

A few more upgrades to the car done this weekend. Replaced the battery, after much blood, sweat and hard work, we have upgraded to a Exide Premium Battery to deal with the increased load of constant charging of mobiles, laptops … Continue reading →

Glacier Perito Moreno

In the southern sector of this great Parque Nacional Los Glaciers is the spectacular sight of Glaciar Perito Moreno. It really is a white giant with its 5 kilometre front which rises 60 metres above the water . It’s ice flows down and into the milky mineral rich waters of Lago Argentino, which is Argentina’s […]

Camping Marinero’s web site

We stayed several days in this spot in Puerto Escondido. We liked the place a lot, very simple, super close to the beach, and cheap. I actually liked it so much that I offered Victor, the owner, to make a website for him. And here it is: http://campingmarinero.wordpress.com. There’s four or five spaces for tents […]

Addis Ababa – Ethiopia

We are delighted to report that things have continued on a positive note in Ethiopia. It really seems now that our experience in the south was unique to the area. Yes, there is still begging, but not on the level that we experienced in our first few days. In fact the overwhelming impression that we […]


We have been working with a friend to develop graphics to stick to the car, so it’s easier to explain our trip by just pointing. I really like how simple and clear it is. The plan is to have 3 … Continue reading →