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Lazy Daze in Hopkins, Belize

The dog’s head slowly bobs up and down under its own weight.  His eyes are shut and he is asleep but still managing to hold himself upright, at least for now.   He is almost menacing.  Wrinkled forehead and crooked jaw with the odd tooth sticking out from under his boxy …


As Anna described in the last post, we’d been under near constant tension during our stay in Aswan, worried that we wouldn’t get ourselves on to the weekly Aswan – Wadi Halfa ferry. As we dragged ourselves through the hordes of Sudanese people making the trek home, before finally carving ourselves out a spot in […]

A Mexican Posada

In many countries, the 12 Days of Christmas are recognized, but in Mexico, it’s the nine days of posadas leading up to Christmas Eve − Noche Buena (Holy Night). This Posada was a reenactment of the story of Joseph and … Continue reading →

A rare bad apple

  It’s in – a proud moment. Christmas is a brief holiday here with not just the shops back in operation on the 26th.  Which meant we could go out on Wednesday and get our second new windscreen in Santiago city centre.  We drove straight to the offices where we were going to buy the […]

In Search of the Monarchs

On the first day of our team ride we woke to poor weather. We headed to the Monarch Bioreserve about an hour away. The altitude and a 45 minute hike up the mountain from 3200 to 3700 feet put us … Continue reading →


We were really on a mission to get to the Monarchs now. The 450 km drive to Morelia still took over 6 hours on the toll road. Driving out of Puebla we saw smoke puffing out of the volcano. For … Continue reading →

Tag 51

___      Kurzfassung via Satelliten Messager   ___Reichlich offroad bis zum Strand. Langebaan -Baden im Meer trotz Kälte. Herrlich entspannend. Dank Kevin privat-Camp bei der Kenny-family. Thanks sooo much!!! ___ Tag 51, Sonntag 30. Dezember, wild Beachcamp – privat camp (langebaan) 400 km Heute standen wir spät auf, es war schon 8:19 Uhr – sehr […]

Victoria Falls, and a Soldier Down

After a mad dash escaping the rains and a border crossing later, we found ourselves in Livingstone, home of the Zambian side of the mighty Victoria Falls. The Falls were initially underwhelming, a result of our visit coinciding with only … Continue reading →

Orange Walk, Belize

Backpackers Paradise might be paradise for some… but we are starving for the ocean.  We wake up in the parking lot of backpackers paradise and jack the bus up to tighten everything after our dirt road jitters.  The transaxle mount is by far the worst of it, although several other …

Ice Age….

We came to summer in argentina didn’t we? Who would have thought this is their summer! Anyhow, we came to the end of the Andies and not the one on the end of your armies! That one never gets old….or does it. You tell me. We were hoping to get into the National Park after […]

Tag 50

___      Kurzfassung via Satelliten Messager   ___Meer erreicht, aber viel zu kalt. Nochmals wunderschöne Landschaften, Wasserfall von Augrabies und Kathedrale von Pella. Nun Wild-Beachcamp am tosenden Ozean. ___ Tag 50, Samstag 29. Dezember, Rivercamp – wild Beachcamp 700 km Heute starteten wir – wie meistens, früh. Denn wir wollten ja ans Meer. Aufgrund der […]


We decided to go the back way to Puebla. Well this was one of our most difficult days since the Dempster. It took 9 1/2 hours to go 450 km. The first 4 hours were over curvy mountain roads thru … Continue reading →

Mexiko – Durch das Reich der Mayas

Die Ruinen von Palenque Jens: Immer weiter Richtung Süden haben wir uns zunächst durch schwülwarmes Wetter entlang der Küste gehalten, um dann die Flucht in die „kühleren“ Berge anzutreten. Wir haben einen Einblick in das Leben der kleinen Dörfern und der Städte gewonnen, traumhafte Aussichten und Strecken an der Küste und in den Bergen genießen […]

Maya Rally 2012: Tequila and More!

Day 6: Pyramids and Tequila! We hit the road on day six of the Maya Rally 2012 journey looking for pyramids! Not those overdone square or rectangular pyramids, mind you, but ROUND pyramids. Our camp host in Ezatlan told us of Guachimontones an area representative of the Teuchitlan architectural tradition. This pre-Columbian society came to […]

Aliens in Belize

Day 3 in Belize turned out fantastic, starting with a 1.5 hour ride from San Antonio Rio Hondo to Lamanai ruins.  Every road we’ve taken is dirt because that is all there is – no pavement to speak of so far. They’re hard packed dirt with good size potholes and our BMW GS’s are lovin’ […]

Mangles Cabanas

 First, I will take a moment to say Thank god for dual sport bikes!  Within a few miles of entering Belize, we’ve been on are densely packed dirt roads with gazillions of potholes – and that’s the main road!  Not sure what to expect for the rest of Belize, but if this is any indication, […]

Mexico Exit

Leaving  Mexico was a somewhat chaotic as you have to ‘check out’ of Mexico before you can enter Belize.  The border was a zoo (surprise!) with traffic jammed in every which direction (not unlike almost everywhere else in Mexico!)  We planned to cross all borders early, but lollygagged too long at Chetumal, the last Mexican […]

Chihuahua Backroads

It was the rainy season in Chihuahua. Creeks had swollen and afternoon thunderstorms were the norm. From The Turtle Expedition’s earliest days of exploring Mexico in our old blue Land Rover, otherwise known as La Tortuga Azul, we have always been fascinated by the backroads. They invariably have led to the most interesting places and […]

Beaglebound Reaches 10,000 Miles!!!

In a time and place that couldn’t have been planned, Beaglebound reached 10,000 miles into its journey on Dec 27 in the Huila Region of Colombia at the exact spot where this photo was taken — a military post with … Continue reading →

Zacualpan Swimming Holes

About a month ago, while in the state of Colima, we ventured off the beaten track to the small town of Zacualpan.  We were hoping to ride our bikes in the mountainous area, while using the town as our base.  We drove into town, and as we norm…

Crossing into Belize

We finally decide that our lack of a plan is the perfect plan for touring belize and make a run for the border.  We wake up early, say our goodbyes to Nate/Sarah and Enrique and head south.  We stop en route for a final roadside mexican meal and bid our …

Ecuador and the Amazon Basin

The border crossing from Peru into Ecuador is one of those crossings where everything changes. The scenery changes dramatically, from the dry Peruvian desert into lush rolling hills covered in sugar cane and banana plantations in a few short kms. Ecuad…

Tag 49 zum zweiten ;-)

___      Kurzfassung via Satelliten Messager   ___Haben ein idyllisches Camp am Fluss gefunden, inkl. baden. Es ist so schön hier. Nach einem leckeren Amarula gab es Essen und einen guten südafrikanischen Wein ____ Tag 49, Freitag 28. Dezember, Dorfcamp – Rivercamp 900 km Heute fuhren wir wieder zeitig los, um dann später zu frühstücken. […]