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One border, two extremes: from Ethiopia to Sudan

Just your ordinary border crossing. I leave the Ethiopian highlands and descend into a completely different world. Of course there’s the heat: Sudan must be one of the hottest countries on the continent. After the cool breeze of the mountains the heat hits you like the flames of purgatory. Under these climatic conditions a border […]

From the border of Peru to Chachapoyas

After crossing the border we head for the town of San Ignacio before stopping for the night. We wind up staying at a small hotel and parking our bikes in a private garage behind the hotel. It’s a little unnerving… Read More ›

Een paar cijfers / A few  numbers

Capetown (South Africa) – Lilongwe (Malawi) Afstand gereden / Distance traveled:                             8158 kmGemiddelde afstand per dag / Average distance per day:      215kmDiesel gebruikt / Diesel used:                             […]

Een goed geloof en een kurken ziel dan drijft men de zee over

De MSC Rita is onderweg, Ton is gelukkig weer aan de beterende hand en wij staan op Schiphol. Na een bewogen week waarin aanvankelijk de schrik en bezorgdheid de overhand hadden, stappen we zo met een gerust hart het vliegtuig in. We zullen de nacht doorbrengen in een dodgy hoekje op Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in […]

Het wilde zuiden

Na een leuke tijd in Zambia, trekken we weer verder en steken we vandaag bij de Victoriawatervallen de grens over naar Zimbabwe. Na het afronden van de grensformaliteiten aan de Zambiaanse kant rijden we via de oude spoorbrug over de gorge naar het buurland. Vanaf de brug vangen we nog net een glimp op van […]

The road to Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina [by Paula] The urge to just get ‘there’ – wherever there may be – is not something with which the slow traveller is familiar. Whilst most of us have goals and destinations in mind, the desire to arrive has to be resisted, or else you’re not really going to appreciate the things […]

2 Arizona weeks = 28 days

On the road again (or soon to be…). I’ll betcha you thought we’d never get going again! After all, it’s been just about a full month since we dropped anchor here in Arizona. Perfectly in line with our scheduled 2 weeks stop! Being jobless; Priceless. Our latest try at a doable schedule puts us back […]

Bergen’s Wooden Homes and the Quiet of Fuglsetfjord

Our moonshine friends are still fast asleep and, after crawling from the frost-covered tent, we hurry to pack. The morning air is brisk and once again the bikes protest the chill. The Shorai batteries have protested at any temperature close to freezing all along our journey and the extra strain on the starter always puts […]

No, Emma, you can’t have a puppy

Our time in Whitehorse proved to be quite busy, catching up on odds and ends, making good use of the wi-fi, doing oil changes, buying the ingredients for Ben’s shower project, that sort of thing. But we also found time to take in a few of the local sights. We eyeballed the world’s largest weather vane: […]

Ecuador- A brief visit to the coast

Having spent almost a year traveling Mexico and Central America, we have had our fill of beach time and since we left Colombia, our desire to be on the coast is minimal. So we debated if we would even visit the coast of Ecuador. Since the country is small (in South American standards) and diesel […]

O velho e guerreiro Lobo da Estrada!

O velho e guerreiro Lobo da Estrada exibe as logomarcas das empresas que o ajudaram a vir ate aqui nesta segunda expediçao de volta ao mundo. Os adesivos sao uma gentiliza da SERISUL, empresa de serigrafia em Sao Bento do Sul.

Costa Amalfitana

A Costa Amalfitana é famosa pela linda junção de vilas medievais com um belo cenário de praia. O que não imaginávamos era que a estrada seria tão estreita, o nosso querido carro, o Coyote, quase não conseguia fazer as curvas e os smarts e mini cooper juntos com as lambretas é que tinham desviavam de […]

Matera, Italia

Nosso primeiro dia na Itália, foi em Taranto, apesar de termos ouvido maravilhas sobre toda a região da Pluglia, nosso tempo está curto, pois temos nossas irmãs chegando em Paris e ainda o visto para resolver. Embaixo de chuva nos despedimos da Barbara e sua família e seguimos para nosso próximos destino: Matera. Essa pequena […]

Chegada na Itália…

Apesar da correia dos últimos dias com barco para Santorini, barco de volta para Atenas, estrada e barco para a Itália. Nós dois sempre enjoamos facilmente e apesar de sempre tomarmos um dramin, é sempre um desconforto. A parte boa é que estávamos chegando em um novo país e esse é sempre um motivo de […]

Últimos dias em Atenas

Depois de visitar Santorini, voltamos para Atenas, agora já nos organizando para a próxima viagem, pegar o barco e cruzar para Itália. Depois do episódio no barco de volta de Santorini, eu não estava nada animada para pegar balsa, mas faz parte. Antes de partirmos ainda precisávamos dar uma atenção para o nosso querido carro, o […]

Close Encounters!

Nog een dag of twee en Zambia zit er op. En als we aan Zambia terug denken zien we vrouwen met grote emmers water balancerend op hun hoofd. En vrouwen met kinderen in een doek op de rug. En vrouwen met een emmer water op het hoofd én een kind in een doek op de […]

Visitando Acrópoles

Depois de uma agradável noite no centro de Atenas, descansamos muito bem, para quem se lembra dos posts de Istambul, andamos muito por lá e estávamos muito cansados fisicamente. Precisávamos resolver algumas coisas do carro e aproveitamos nossos amigos que falam a língua local para tentar nos ajudar. Começamos pelo alternador, tínhamos recebido um modelo […]

Back in time , touring the Amalfi

Getting Vic an I out of the port took some doing and a couple of hours of pillar to post ,  I had my passport in hand , no entry stamp though ,  no documentation for  the  temporary import of the scooter into the EU , and I could not really tell customs , Victoria was returning to […]

Glacier National Park

[Please scroll down for the English version] [LV] Katrs tūkstoš jūdžu ceļojums sākas ar vienu soli. Mūsu dzīvēs šis solis tika sperts 2014. gada augustā, un tā rezultātā jau tagad esam piedzīvojuši ļoti daudz un redzējuši vēl vairāk. Tomēr katrs pirmais solis noved pie pirmā apskates objekta. Mums tas bija Ledāju Nacionālais Parks (Glacier National […]

The Place in the Midde

We are stuck. We spend our free time reading other travelers blogs, sucking up the nervous energy of those just preparing to embark, the excitement and joy of those on the road, and the reflection of those at the end. … Continue reading → The Place in the Midde is a post from: The Next […]

Fresh Fruit; Fresh Tequila

Even though our border crossing experience was very easy, we were both a little nervous about driving in Mexico. After all, we had spent the past 2 weeks spending time with our very concerned families, and getting looks from people like they would never see us again. We tried to stay positive through all of […]