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Palmira, Valle de Cauca the capital of sugar boom is not ranking high on places to visit in Colombia. For now is listed on the top ten most dangerous cities… read more

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Getting ready for the road again 2017-2018.

The route so far 2012-2017 Route 2017-2018 Route Germany-Czech-Slovakia-Serbia-Romania-Turkey-Georgia-Armenia-Iran-Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan-Tajikistan-Gorno/Badakhshan Autonomous Region- Krygyzstan-Kazakhstan-Russia-Mongolia-Russia-Mongolia-China-Tibet-Burma-Thailand-Laos-Vietnam-Cambodia-Thailand- Malaysia-Indonesia-East Timor-Australia-Tazmania-New Zealand…   Route 2017-2018 part 1 May to December Route 2017-2018 part 2 December to April…

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