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Do Good As You Go

The Muskoka Foundation

Welcome to The Muskoka Foundation. Our vision is to create a network of hundreds of modern day explorers, traveling overland in communities around the world, using their professional skills to do good as they go.
This network can lead to a significant impact on the world we visit, reducing poverty, improving health and inspiring others to do the same. Unlike many of the ‘voluntourism’ type Gap Year programs, our global travelers are seasoned professionals such as doctors, teachers, entrepreneurs and consultants.

They have valuable skills and knowledge to contribute through our portfolio of workshops and programs.

There is a growing community of people in the “developed world”, who have the means and the passion to get into their vehicles and explore this amazing planet that we live on.

The Muskoka Foundation aims to leverage the unique strengths of this group, to make a difference in the communities they visit, through their:

  • large-capacity, corruption-free, zero-cost transportation infrastrure (their trucks)
  • on-the-ground presence actually interacting in/with the communities they wish to impact. (i.e. not surfing Kiva)
  • their skills / professional backgrounds that they can use to benefit those they meet
  • means to spend the time and money required to focus on helping those around them
  • passion to explore and improve the world

The Muskoka Foundation will provide this group of explorers with a framework, tools and partnerships, enabling them to carry out the positive activities on their trips.

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Partner Locations

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We have developed several different programs to fit individual travelers’ skills and interests. Please select the areas below that best fit you:

Support local entrepreneurs with mentorship  and business skills transfer programs Train teachers to enhance the classroom experience
Connect local artisans with global online markets provide creative photography workshops and cameras to disadvantaged children
Provide training and equipment for coaches to start local sports programs Record local musicians and provide access to a global audience
Assist future NGO efforts by collecting critical data about local conditions Do you have a personal interest? Share your experience with others.

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