1. T

    For Sale - Toyota Hilux in Bishkek/Almaty

    Selling our 1996 Toyota Hilux Surf. It is a diesel 3L in good condition registered in the UK. On our trip it has taken us from London to Bishkek, we'd love it to see more journeys! Would be available from end of July/start of August It's a spacious 4x4 (automatic) with duel batteries and has...
  2. E

    Planning - Cape Town to Singapore

    Good day I'm considering a trip from Cape Town to Singapore and could use some advice. This journey appears to be possible, even though I haven't found information on anyone doing it, but I have read about people travelling from London to Singapore, from Cape Town to London, etc. My idea is to...
  3. Eef_and_Dries

    Belgium-Africa-Ocieania-Asia-Belgium Overland

    Hi all! We left our beloved country in 2013 and have been travelling ever since. We drove with our Toyota Landcruiser from Belgium to South Africa along the east coast, then we flew over to Oceania to drive around Australia and New Zeeland and soon we will take of for Asia! Feel free to have...
  4. madnomad

    mad about Africa - mad nomad

    Hello! I am glad to find you and be part of the Overland Sphere! I'm writing from Ethiopia right now during my adventure "mad about Africa". I am already riding 2.5 years all around Africa on a twenty-year-old Honda XR 250, having covered 80,000 km in 34 countries. My previous adventure...
  5. huebsch

    Shipping of Motohome to Canada and later on to Europe

    Hi all, We want to ship our Motorhome in March or April from Malaysia to Canada (West-Coast) and in July from from Canada (Est-Coast) to Continantal Europe. Our car is a Mercedes Benz 914 AK: -built in 1995 -weight: 7500kg -Length: 7m -heigth: 3,6m -Width: 2,5m Anyone an idea how to do that...
  6. M25Roundabout

    Military Grade Expedition Motorhome for Sale in UK.

    Please follow link below to see details of Motorhome for sale. Many thanks, Simon.
  7. OverlandSphere

    Welcome - Please Read

    Welcome to the Overland Sphere Forum! The Overland Sphere forum is free to use and open to all overland travellers regardless of location or vehicle choice. The forum was recently launched in June 2013, with your help we hope to develop an open forum of overlanders from across the globe...
  8. OverlandSphere

    A Guide to Carnet de Passage - Overland Travel

    What is a Carnet? A Carnet de Passage can be thought of as a passport for your car which enables you to enter and leave certain countries without the need for temporary import papers or providing a cash guarantee on the border. It offers a guarantee to a foreign government that the vehicle...
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