1. OverlandSphere

    Container Share UK - Canada - Mid to late May 2017

    Container share: Anyone interested in sharing a 40ft HQ from the UK to Canada to arrive mid to late may? If interested please let me know.
  2. F

    Intro -

    Thanks for accepting us to the website. My spouse Myrta and myself will finish working in spring 2016 and dedicate ourfuture to extensive travelling. We will ship our car to Halifax and cross Canada to go up to Alaska to start the Panamericana from the very North. From there we will slowly...
  3. huebsch

    Shipping of Motohome to Canada and later on to Europe

    Hi all, We want to ship our Motorhome in March or April from Malaysia to Canada (West-Coast) and in July from from Canada (Est-Coast) to Continantal Europe. Our car is a Mercedes Benz 914 AK: -built in 1995 -weight: 7500kg -Length: 7m -heigth: 3,6m -Width: 2,5m Anyone an idea how to do that...
  4. My Overland Adventure

    North America (USA Canada) CDP Carnet Information Boomerang Carnets

    Prior to 2015, in North America the CAA would issue carnets to both US and Canadian residents. Since 2015 the CAA no longer issues carnets. CDP's are managed by both the AIT and FIA, normally local agreements exist, where an issuing country's association will agree to issue carnets on behalf...