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    Shipping Cartagena to UK - any tips, advice or container partners?

    Sadly, we're coming to the end of our time on the road after over 2 wonderful years of driving around South America. We're planning to ship the Yellow Van back from Cartagena to the UK at the end of December, probably in a container (for security). Anyone happen to be around to share a container...
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    Shipping vehicle from Panama to Columbia

    Hi, I'm trying to ship my car from Panama to Cartagena. Does anyone in the same situation as me want to share a container? I'm looking to ship in the next 1-2 weeks. Thanks
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    Cartagena-Colon share a shipping container

    Hello All, I am currently in Medellin with my Jeep, but plan on heading up to Cartagena in a few days. I was hoping to split a shipping container to Colon by the end of February. Let me know if you are interested! -Sam